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Dollar Shave Club - Who Is Biting at Their Heels? | Episode 03

by Christopher Day, on Apr 22, 2020 8:51:58 PM


In today's episode of Consumer Central, Toph looks at Dollar Shave Club's competitive landscape through the lens of Consumer Insights data.

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Hello, my name is Toph coming to you from consumer central where we are helping businesses and marketers eliminate blind spots by revealing more of the customer journey and competitive landscape than you could ever see before.

Alright so today we want to take a look at a fun company called Dollar Shave Club. We all remember their commercials. They were incredible. Michael Dubin who is the CEO, as we all saw on the press, reportedly sold that company for a billion dollars in cash to Unilever.

So, obviously they had just incredible growth - a great exit. But the interesting point is, "Can they let up?" Now that Unilever owns Dollar Shave Club, how are they doing against their competition and other newcomers in the marketplace? And this came up with an internal conversation in the office, so we thought we had to do this.

I also have to say for a moment, if Michael Dubin ever watches this video, at a conference once, I ran out of an elevator, and I almost ran right over the top of him. And I recognized him but I couldn't remember his name.

And I said, hey, you're "whats-mm-ajiger". He laughed it off. We talked for a few minutes. So anyway, just wanted to share that funny story.

He took it very well, though.

Okay so Dollar Shave Club, here's what's interesting. Dollar Shave Club is getting out there getting beaten in the marketplace by Gillette. They're neck and neck, they're head to head. But what we wanted to point out here is something interesting. There is a company called Manscaped that has come out of nowhere.

And they are absolutely crushing it right now from a go to market strategy and from a paid strategy. And if you look at these top 20 advertisers and players, Mandscaped is outspending and out-positioning them by literally three or four X over Philips, Gillette, Dollar Shave Club, Harry's, and others.

If we look at the questions that people are asking, this men's grooming category has become a very hip space, so people are asking more sophisticated questions. Women are getting more involved and interested in in their man, you know, being well groomed and we're seeing a lot of consumer behavior change in this space. And Dollar Shave Club and Unilever are not keeping up with that trend.

So if we look at the questions asked the searches that people are conducting, they have literally no presence here in the top 20 most powerful things that are happening with this shifting landscape.

So that's it for today. We thought we would do a little fun one with men's grooming around Dollar Shave Club, which is an awesome company, but they should be looking out for Manscaped who's coming on strong. Until next time, from consumer Central. That's it for today.

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