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Salesforce vs. HubSpot - Who Owns Digital Content for the CRM Category? | Episode 02

by Christopher Day, on Apr 20, 2020 3:56:08 PM


In today's episode of Consumer Central, Toph compares the content strategies of Salesforce and HubSpot through the lens of Consumer Insights data.

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Hello, my name is Toph and welcome back to Consumer Central where we eliminate blind spots for businesses and marketers by revealing more of the customer journey and competitive landscape than you could ever see before.

So we've had people asking, "All right, this looks awesome. Consumer behavior for B2C companies, that looks awesome. But does this apply to B2B companies? And as we said in our intro to Consumer Central, absolutely it does. Everybody's a consumer. So whether we call them customers or consumers, they get used interchangeably.

So we thought to jump off with showing B2B. Well let's just go look at the world's greatest B2B SaaS company of all time. Basically Salesforce invented the concept of SaaS. Remember the little circles with the slashes said no software. So we thought we would take a look at Salesforce. Let's go look at "best CRM software" and see how this applies in the B2B world. 

So when we come in and look at this initial data set on "best CRM," We can see something very interesting. HubSpot has overtaken Salesforce when it comes to the digital marketing presence around CRM. Why is this happening?

Well, Salesforce is doing great. If you look here around best CRM software. They have a pretty good presence, when it comes to their competitors in HubSpot specifically.

But where we see things starting to happen is when people are asking questions around "What are the top five CRM systems?" "What's the easiest system to use?" and "What's the best CRM software?" This is where where HubSpot is overtaking Salesforce. Let's go down a bit farther in the searches that people are conducting.

What we also thought was interesting here is is the concept of people looking for free CRM software, just to get started.

When people are searching when they're conducting their searches. We don't see Salesforce show up until spot number 10 on the most powerful powerful searches that are being conducted.

Alright. So those are a few points where we would say Salesforce would want to pay attention to those and really try to defend your market position with HubSpot.

So let's jump a little bit farther ahead and the way that we would look at this. If we were defending our CRM position, we would look at the customer journey or the journey map when people are in awareness consideration decision mode.

And this is what gets laid out when people are asking questions, searching for CRM software when they're looking at display websites. This is the actual path that they are taking to look for what software they want to use.We also thought would be interesting to show this is absolutely going to become we believe a head to head matchup of Salesforce against HubSpot. When you scroll down and you see where, you know, green and yellow versus red and gaps. This march of who's going to win CRM and a long term is absolutely going to be between Salesforce and HubSpot.

So there's a lot of other fun things in here to show, but we'll keep it there for today.

So does this work for B2B software? Absolutely it does. And we just showed you a sneak peek of arguably maybe the world's greatest SaaS company of all time Salesforce - going back 20 plus years ago when they invented the SaaS space. So until next time, this is Toph coming to you from consumer central.

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