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Stand Out Among Candidates with Insights on Prospective Employers | Episode 11

by Christopher Day, on Jun 16, 2020 11:19:24 AM

In this episode of Consumer Central, Toph focuses on the 30M people that have found themselves job searching during these unprecedented times.

The first 100 respondents will have the opportunity to leverage the DemandJump platform at no cost to break through the resume noise and create a powerful point of view to their prospective employer. We share who can best leverage this offer as they pursue the next chapter of their lives!

If you have not been personally impacted, please share this with friends who may not have been as fortunate. 

If you'd like to see one of these customer journey maps for your industry, click here.


Hello, my name is Toph and welcome back to Consumer Central. 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment over the last couple of months, and we think we can be helpful with some of you in your search to regain employment. So, we're offering this to the first 100 people that come to a special page we have built, just for you. If you're watching this and are still employed, please feel free to share it with your friends that may not have been as fortunate during this time. 

The best way to get noticed for employment is to add differentiated value. Employers are no doubt getting slammed with many resumes and it is difficult to break through. So we have decided to leverage our platform to try and be helpful. We've done this a few times for people in the past and it's proven to be very successful, so we felt it was our duty to try and help as many people as we can.

If you are pursuing a career or had a career related to the C suite leadership, such as a director, a manager in marketing, sales, operations or in data, and you want to work for a company that is B to C or B to B, such as an eCommerce company of any type or B2B software company of any type, manufacturing, healthcare, or even an agency or management consulting company, go to www.demandjump.com/standout. Again, it's www.demandjump.com/standout. 

We are going to provide you with a Consumer Behavior Map for the company that you are pursuing. This will show you specific gaps that company has in terms of effectively aligning and being relevant to their customers. You can use the data revealed to develop a powerful point of view for the prospective employer. Feel free to watch previous episodes of consumer central that will give you a snapshot of the information we can arm you with.

It could be around product recommendations, content strategy, content creation, content planning, consumer buying behavior, pricing, strategy, customer journey mapping and keyword strategy, market intelligence, and even more. When you come to the landing page, which again is demandjump.com/standout, you'll be asked to provide a few pieces of information and then just hit submit. We will then process that Consumer Behavior Map and send it back to you along with a Customer Insights Playbook that will help you craft your point of view, or market positioning, to create value for that prospective employer.

We are excited to hopefully be just a small part of helping all of us get back on our feet. Our team is on standby, waiting for you and ready to help, and we're excited to see you soon. Thank you very much. And until next time, we'll see you soon on Consumer Central.

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