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Why CMOs Are Blind to 90% of Their Content Experience | Episode 01

by Christopher Day, on Apr 15, 2020 10:27:28 AM


In this episode of Consumer Central, Toph explains why 90% of CMOs are blind to their content experience, and uses consumer insights data to dissect the customer journey for lipstick and cosmetic products.

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Hello my name is Toph and welcome back to consumer central - where we are showing businesses and marketers how to eliminate blind spots by revealing more of the customer journey than they could ever see before.

I just saw this article online "Why CMOS are blind to 90% of the content experience." This was an article that was put out by Real Eyes. Real Eyes measures attention and emotion of opt-in audiences as they watch video content online. There's definitely a need for markers to understand that. But what really caught my attention, and what I want to focus on today, is why CMOS are blind to 90% of their content experience. This is because they cannot see their customer journey - and this is happening across all industries, all brands, all companies, b2b b2c, you name it. Everybody is suffering from the same pain point.

So how do we solve that? Well we created a consumer behavior map and we ran a sample data set to illustrate this so we chose to pick a big massive industry where there's lots of content lots of videos that involve celebrities and all the above. We chose cosmetics and we want to focus on lipstick.

So let's go take a look at what customer journey mapping for lipstick looks like. What's interesting is that all these customer journey maps are very different - whether it's Rouge lipstick, eye shadow, or mascara. So we ran this one on the ecosystem of lipstick as it exists in the digital world. There are 1,147 questions that people are asking right now in and around the ecosystem of lipstick. They're watching sixteen thousand six hundred and fifty one videos that matter. Consumers are searching for roughly sixteen hundred keywords. And, they are visiting twenty five thousand websites. So, I'm gonna focus only on the questions in the videos because this plays directly into the content that you are creating and the videos that you're creating.

We chose to look at some really awesome companies: MAC Cosmetics, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Bobby Brown, Estee Lauder, Chanel. All of these are names you no doubt have heard of. These are very sophisticated companies, great companies, that produce great products.

So, if I'm one of these companies and I want to create great content that's going to resonate with my target market, what do I do? All I have to do is scroll down and look at what are the most powerful questions that people are asking along their customer journey.

What is interesting (and we always see things like this pop up) is that the second most powerful question that exists in this ecosystem is "what does lipsticks symbolize?". And nobody is creating content that answers that question. Next, when we take a look at the keywords that people are searching, we find that "colors" interestingly enough shows up many times in the top 20 searches. But the key to this is the exact words, in the order of the words, and how people search. That is how you best align and become relevant to that target market.

And what we have found here as we start to think about the customer journey, the most the most powerful topics around lipstick are all around health, matte, and colors. So let's go check out an actual customer journey around lipstick. With this sample data set, we can see in the awareness mode people are highly focused on health. They're actually asking about poisoning symptoms of lipstick right - "What are the health risks?" When you move into the consideration phase, people start to get into more specific things such as the benefits of matte lipstick. And then when you get into decision mode, people are asking more questions around matte, and color things of that nature. So with all of the content that you create, you want to specifically align yourself to this customer journey.

So that's kind of taking a quick snapshot of key words but now let's look at awareness consideration and decision mode for the questions being asked. So again, a lot of questions on "how to make matte lipstick creamy" and "how to fix dry matte lipstick". These are a lot of the core questions of the top 20 in the awareness phase.

Then you go into consideration mode and you look at what's important there, then you go into the decision mode and look at what's important there. With all of the content, literally no one in your company should pick up a pen or pencil or pick up a video recorder and start to create content or videos without first understanding what that customer journey roadmap looks like. And then, every piece of content that's created would start answering these questions. This is what your target market is truly searching for answers to. And if you align and become relevant to that target market, you will no doubt win more business than your competitors.

So anyways, hopefully you enjoyed that information. If this content is relevant or you thought it was interesting, feel free to share it with your friends. And if you want to see something else in a specific industry or a specific product, anything at all, let us know and we will tee up a consumer behavior map just for you. Until next time this is Toph. Have a great day!

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