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Content Curation At Facebook Has Bigger Problems Than Bias

by Brennan Walker, on June 14, 2016

About a month ago Gizmodo reported that Facebook was manually curating their trending content.

The report cites an anonymous former employee who stated that content curation varied greatly day to day based on who was in charge of curating content.  The report then points out that employees would also inject content.  

We know that Facebook is struggling to keep up with Twitter’s up-to-date reporting. Reportedly, Facebook’s network also had certain deficiencies that failed to make some topics trend, so these topics would also be injected into the trending sidebar.  

Ultimately, once injected these trends would become number one, but Facebook’s monitoring failed to naturally pick up on these trends.

Today marks the launch of our newest video series. Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist at DemandJump, weighs in on Facebook’s recent content curation criticisms. While he’s not swayed one way or the other Tyler was surprised that Facebook is still using a team to curate content.  

In this video Tyler talks about the DemandJump platform and how it uses fundamental topological structures to feed our topological and graph theoretic methods.

The DemandJump platform can organize and interpret large datasets without human touch.  

To learn more check out the video above or visit our YouTube channel here.  

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