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How a Pizza Crust Company Got 7X More Search Traffic in One Week

July 31, 2023 Drew Detzler

ZCL increase in serp rankings card

Whether you’re cooking up pizza crust or a marketing strategy, a tried-and-true recipe makes success a lot easier. After all, if you’re starting from scratch—with no knowledge and no recipe to follow—success is pretty unlikely. And even if you do see some success by throwing random ingredients together, it’ll be hard to replicate without the knowledge to understand what’s working. No matter what, you run the risk of getting lost in the sauce.

ZeroCarb LYFE knows the importance of a well-proven recipe—both with their zero-carb pizza crust and their marketing plans. By putting their trust in the marketing connoisseurs at DemandJump, they saw immediate spikes in their organic traffic, thanks to a Pillar-Based Marketing (PBM) content plan. Keep reading to learn how ZeroCarb LYFE cooked up a PBM strategy with us at DemandJump to help their pizza crust rise quickly—in search rankings.

Step 1: Inspecting the Ingredients

First, we met with ZeroCarb LYFE to discuss what their goals as a business were and what sort of content they wanted to publish. Through these conversations, we gathered a comprehensive list of information—or “ingredients”—needed for PBM, including ZeroCarb LYFE’s:

  • Flagship products and messaging
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Brand voice—including literal tone of voice
  • Target audience and demographics
  • Keywords they wanted to dominate
  • And much more!

At DemandJump, our strategists make sure to fully understand our customer’s goals before devising our plan for achieving them. We want to get a full picture of who they are, what they want, and how we can help them get there.

Step 2: Reading the Recipe

After ZeroCarb LYFE gave our Content Services team all the necessary ingredients, it was time to look at our marketing recipe: Pillar-Based Marketing (PBM). It’s worth noting that PBM is not a cookie-cutter idea, and it’s not applied exactly the same to each company. PBM is a method of content creation that prioritizes topic authority, consumer research, and connected content.

Once we knew what topic ZeroCarb LYFE wanted to own in search engines—AKA their “Pillar topic”—we used our Search Engine Insights platform to see how people search for those topics online. (For ZeroCarb LYFE, their Pillar topic was “Gluten Free Pizza Crust.”) When a Pillar topic is entered into the DemandJump platform, we can see what related keywords are hot topics. But more importantly, we take note of how those keywords are connected—to other topics and consumer search behaviors. These insights form the backbone of each individual PBM plan.

For context, this is what a 16-piece pillar strategy typically looks like:

pillar page strategy structure

Each Pillar strategy is made up of three types of written content focused on the same Pillar topic: a Pillar page, three Sub-Pillars, and 12 Supporting Blogs. The Pillar page is the longest, most authoritative piece of content, and every piece of content below the Pillar supports its topic authority. ZeroCarb LYFE’s Pillar was very similar to the one above, including 16 pieces of interconnected Pillar content.

Step 3: Cooking the Components

Once all the ingredients were prepared, our Content team turned up the heat and got to work! DemandJump’s team of expert writers, strategists, and customer success specialists worked together to bring ZeroCarb’s goals to “LYFE.” After research, drafting, and customer revisions, the end result was a complete Pillar strategy.

Step 4: Plating the Product

Of course, creation is not the end of any recipe—and PBM is no exception. After writing the content, we worked with ZeroCarb LYFE to make sure the pages were properly formatted, published, and indexed by Google. These final steps ensure due diligence is done to promote the content for search engine success.

Step 5: Enjoying the Entree!

To say ZeroCarb LYFE’s content was “successful” would be a massive understatement. Here are a couple of their key numbers after just one week of their content going live:

  • 126% increase in page one rankings
  • 7x more Top 100 rankings on keywords

spike in SERP rankings chart

In just seven days, their web traffic saw monumental growth. By focusing on their audience, following the PBM recipe, and of course, having a good product, ZeroCarb LYFE found their way in front of the people who would love their food the most. The search results after just one week speak for themselves!

Cook Up SEO Success with DemandJump!

The kind of search traffic ZeroCarb LYFE got in just a week isn’t impossible to repeat—especially when you have a recipe for success. At DemandJump, marketing success is a habit, and that’s thanks to not just our excellent team, but our Pillar-Based Marketing strategy. Through targeted consumer research and expert content creation, we can cook up search rankings with a wide variety of brands—and have done so for years.

If you’re ready to taste success for yourself, try the platform for free today. Fill out the form on the right to get cookin’!

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