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How a strategic IT service provider went from 5 to 50 first page rankings in just 2 months

July 31, 2023 Drew Detzler

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About InterVision

InterVision understands that the technology people use today is constantly evolving. Every iteration brings with it a new set of challenges and difficult questions. With more than 25 years of experience, InterVision has become a strategic consultative authority in the IT industry. Offering multiple technical solutions, combined with a consultative and collaborative approach, they aim to empower customers to solve the most complex IT challenges.

Since the IT solutions field can be complex, InterVision not only has to be an expert in execution, they also strive to be an educational presence. As such, one of their top priorities is finding ways to communicate what they do and why it’s important in an easily understood manner.

Marketing Background

InterVision came to DemandJump with little web content and just two content writers. Since their writing bandwidth was so tight, they wanted to ensure that the content they were producing was as effective as possible. Prior to finding DemandJump, their content efforts mostly consisted of some trial and error on their own, leading to mixed results. With a mix of case studies and gated content, their SEO focus was lacking and was reflected in their poor search engine rankings.

Knowing they needed quality content not only to increase their traffic, but also to educate their audience, they set out to learn more about exactly what type of content they should create.


After consulting with DemandJump on how best to reach their target audience, InterVision landed on these three goals:

  • Rank on Google search results. InterVision had 5 Google rankings when they first came to DemandJump. They wanted their search results to reflect the authority they are in the IT solutions service provider industry. In particular, they sought to rank at the top of page one for content that related to a concept they and DemandJump would ultimately term “cloud cost optimization.
  • Educate potential clients by creating less gated content. InterVision provides a myriad of solutions to complex challenges and topics. To potential customers, some of these services provide answers to problems they didn’t even know existed. In order to educate their clientele, InterVision needed to create accessible, easily digestible content that not only illustrates their solutions, but helps provide context around the problems.
  • Prove the efficacy of the DJ platform on its own. At the time, DemandJump offered content services in conjunction with our SaaS platform. Before committing to any upsells however, InterVision elected to subscribe to the platform and empower their two existing content writers on how to use it. With so many distinct, technical services, InterVision knew that if DemandJump worked for cloud cost optimization, it could be a huge success across all their solutions. Therefore, they set out to justify the effectiveness of the platform on its own first.

The DemandJump Difference

By working with our Customer Success and Content teams here at DemandJump, InterVision delivered on all three of these goals in a matter of weeks. Here’s how:

  • Step One: Our team assessed InterVision’s existing content strategy. We parsed out what was and was not working, determining together based on our platform's data and insights that the most effective content strategy moving forward was to produce articles around the term cloud cost optimization. While DemandJump generally subscribes to Pillar-Based Marketing (PBM) as the most effective content strategy, with InterVision we concluded the best use of their two content writers’ time was to focus mostly on blogs in the short-term.
  • Step Two: Using the DemandJump platform, our Customer Success team worked with InterVision’s writers to devise a series of blog topics related to cloud cost optimization. In addition, for each topic DemandJump’s platform generated a content brief which included the most relevant and popular keywords and questions for that blog.
  • Step Three: Once InterVision’s writers had the content briefs, writing the actual content was fairly straightforward. Using the keywords and questions provided, as well as some SEO tips around formatting and backlinking, their writers were able to produce 7-9 SEO articles per week.
  • Step Four: As InterVision’s content writers made their way through each piece of the plan, they began publishing their work (again following the SEO best practices outlined by DemandJumps Customer Success team). The results were swift and impactful.


In just 2 months, InterVision went from almost no presence on search engine results to achieving 50 first page rankings for cloud cost optimization. Here’s the scoop:

More First Page Rankings

Intervision skyrocketed from just 5 rankings to over 50 in a few weeks. Not only is this an impressive result, but keep in mind they did this by writing only blogs, with just two content writers. Imagine what the results might have looked like if they were able to produce more content or commit to an entire PBM pillar.

Education Through Content

Instead of relying on whitepapers and gated content, InterVision committed to providing individuals with tons of easily accessible and readable content. Their blogs effectively answered the top questions their audience was asking, in lay terms. Interrelated educational content provides a multitude of benefits, not least of which is an increase in SEO effectiveness since Google rewards helpful content more than anything else. Their blogs provided helpful information over self-serving advertising copy. This resulted in InterVision becoming an authority within their domain and helped to organically bring in more leads and move them through the sales process. Their educational content also aligned with their key values of being consultative and collaborative by putting the customer’s questions and needs first.

Proof of Platform

InterVision’s journey with DemandJump is a shining example of how effective the platform can be on its own. While many of our clients employ DemandJump’s content services, InterVision began by writing their own content. Combining their own content creation with our platform and Customer Success team, InterVision was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Insights and Content Brief features within the platform. Their journey also indicates the effectiveness of writing SEO-driven content as informed by DemandJump, even if you do not use a Pillar-Based Marketing plan.

Increased DemandJump Use

InterVision was so satisfied with the results they saw on their own, that within six months of signing on to DemandJump, they upgraded their subscription to include content services. This enabled them to ramp up their content production across all of their different solutions and seek similar results.

Ready to Produce Your Own Success Story?

DemandJump is the number one marketing strategy platform that shows you the exact content to create to increase Page One rankings and drive outcomes. Whether you are brand new to content marketing or have a whole existing content library, our team and platform can optimize (and even write) your content and help you win in the hyper-competitive world of SEO. Get started today with the form on the right!

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