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Is Content Marketing a Good Career?

August 2, 2022 Bret Sexton

Is Content Marketing a Good Career?

Everyone wants to work in a career that fits their specific skill set and meets their needs as a person. We know this is easier said than done, and oftentimes people need a job to support their families rather than hold out for a specific dream position. With the rise of remote work and more people leaving jobs in recent years (4.3 million in December of 2021 alone), however, people are placing a higher value on careers they truly enjoy.

Of all the jobs in marketing, one career field that has seen a positive boom is content marketing. Our team at DemandJump may be biased as we use content marketers every single day, but we absolutely see this career path as one that will only become more valuable over time. Every organization has marketing efforts, which means they will need talented individuals to create that material. If you are looking for a field that consistently experiences positive growth, you can’t go wrong with content marketing.

With all of that being said, we have put together this blog to help any curious people out there to discover if the content marketing career path is right for them.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on producing content like blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media posts to educate and inform on what a company offers to the public. This means that the content does not always need to feel like a sales pitch to the audience, but it should entice them to engage with other elements of the business.

What Do Content Marketing Specialists Do?

Think of a content market specialist as the captain of the content ship, guiding the team through the sea of digital marketing. Responsibilities can vary depending on the seniority of the roles, but generally, you can expect to create, edit, and optimize all the content that an organization puts out.

Outside of the actual creation of content, someone in this role can expect to wear the hat of a chief strategist at times. It is not uncommon for people in this role to create content maps or plans where they structure everything that will be produced over an extended period of time. This helps maintain a healthy production of content that can ensure you are constantly in front of your target audience. Then, when something newsworthy happens to your company or industry, you can quickly make content on it without having to worry about your regular schedule taking a back seat.

Is a Career in Content Marketing Right for You?

While we believe that this is a quality career path to pursue, there needs to be a disclaimer that this job field won't be the right fit for everyone. Content is a broad term, especially in marketing, but one skill that you will need to have is the ability to write. The different styles of writing can vary from simple blogs all the way to video scripts for an expensive commercial shoot. Let's look at some of the other factors that can help determine if this is the right move for you.

  • Brand Voice: If you already have experience as a writer, you are probably confident in your skills to churn out great work. The question is, can you produce the same great work from the voice of the company? Depending on the industry, you could be tasked with writing content that does not allow for any flair or a conversational tone. This means you might have to translate complex technical information as concisely as possible so that it can be read and digested by a wider audience.
  • SEO Knowledge: Creating great content is worthless if no one sees it. Optimizing SEO for all your content means creating material that your target audience is searching for. But how can you do that? Don't worry, DemandJump has you covered. We offer tools like consumer insights and SEO keyword research. You can combine these features to discover exactly what your target audience is searching for and then generate the right keywords you need to use to get your content in front of them.

Tips and Tricks for Starting Your Content Marketing Career

How to Start a Career in Content Marketing

Content marketing jobs can be fulfilling and lucrative for the right person, but how does someone get started? There is the traditional route that involves someone getting their bachelor's degree in professional writing, marketing, or something in between. Then they get an internship at a digital marketing agency where they start to move their way up. While this can provide someone with a solid foundation in their writing skills and how to create with a marketer's mindset, it is absolutely not necessary to have a degree in order to become a content marketer.

One fantastic way to get your foot in the door of this career is to have a portfolio of content marketing work. If you were able to land an internship or create some form of marketing content in a previous role, save it to use on your application and during the interview process to show what you can do. However, what if you don’t have any previous experience? That’s okay! The great thing about a portfolio is that you can create example content that can still prove your value. You could even do research on the company you are applying to and tailor your portfolio and hypothetical work as something you could do if brought on by the company.

DemandJump University: The Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Our Pillar-Based Marketing (PBM) approach is the future of content marketing, and the best way to gain the transferable skills to be successful in this career path is to enroll in DemandJump University. We have courses to become a Certified Pillar-Based Marketing Strategist or a Certified Pillar-Based Marketing Writer.

Both courses get you fully immersed in our platform so that you know how to navigate it with ease and break down exactly what PBM is and how it works. At the end of the courses, along with getting a fancy certification, you will have all the necessary skills–like SEO–in content to go to any organization and improve its marketing efforts. 

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