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What are Some Examples of Pillars?

March 25, 2022 Bret Sexton

If you work in content marketing or the digital space these days, you have probably been bombarded with ads, blogs, videos, stats, or anything else touting how important content is to a successful marketing campaign.

Working in any industry, you have likely heard the pillar definition in business. This can be the core belief of your organization or an operational method that your company makes every move from. An SEO pillar in content marketing is defined a little differently but holds the same sentiment.

Again, a pillar in the general business sense holds the ideas or beliefs of a team. While a pillar page or strategy in terms of content marketing holds up a wide array of content meant to boost a company's visibility on search engines like Google. This blog aims to briefly explore the strategy behind some pillar examples.

Pillars are one of the best ways to generate organic traffic to your website. Where then, is the best place to find some quality examples of pillars? The good news is that you do not have to go far. The piece you are currently reading, while not a pillar, is linked to one.

If you scroll back up to this piece's introduction and click on the SEO pillar hypertext, you will be brought to a pillar page. These interconnected pieces of content are all a part of the same content ecosystem around the pillar topic. All of these pieces work together to drive traffic to the website.

What Does Being a Pillar Mean in Content Marketing?

If you were to perform a quick Google search for content marketing strategies, the number of results would make your head spin. How can you be sure if the strategy you are applying is actually worth the investment?

There is no need to hold your breath as a tested and proven strategy already exists. DemandJump and other similar-minded organizations have championed the concept of the pillar strategy for a while now.

Within the context of a pillar strategy, the pillar functions as the largest and most comprehensive piece that upholds the rest of the content around a specific topic. So what could your pillar content strategy be? If you are a SaaS company that offers project management software, then your pillar could be titled "What is project management software” or “How to use project management software." These keyword phrases are broad enough to allow for the length of a typical pillar page (3000+ words).

what is a content pillar

From there, you would have slightly shorter supporting pieces that explore a less broad topic from the pillar. These pieces would be supported by blogs that would cover even more specific topics presented in those supporting pieces.

What are Pillar and Cluster Pages?

When searching for information about pillars and different marketing strategies, you might have seen pillar and cluster pages used together often. This is because the content in both is closely related, and the linking process for each is intertwined.

As we already mentioned, the pillar page is that key piece within the overall pillar strategy. The cluster pages, or as it is often referred to, the blog pages, are the smaller pieces of content that support the information presented on the pillar page. Often they are about more specific questions around the broader idea of the pillar.

pillar page and content cluster definition

For example, a cluster page could be about the average settlement amount for a car accident. This piece of content would link back to the pillar that could be titled car accident attorney.

This information can start to get confusing with the term topic cluster popping up as well. A topic cluster is more aligned with the pillar strategy than any individual page. Topic clusters refer to all of the interlinked web pages around a particular topic. So when you see the term cluster topic, think pillar strategy.

Dominate Results with DemandJump

All of the pages and strategies laid out in this blog can be difficult to implement without the right resources. That is why DemandJump offers full-service features for the pillar strategy. We can eliminate wasted time and money that is spent by using our automated account-based attribution solution. This will inform you with certainty which efforts are driving ROI.

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