What are the Top Ten Benefits of Content Marketing?

December 4, 2020 DJ Team

top ten benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is often talked about and is easy to dismiss as the latest buzzword or trend. However, looking at the changing digital landscape, the old ways of marketing simply cannot keep up and businesses must adapt. Let’s look at the top ten benefits that you gain from utilizing content marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization

When a customer goes to the internet to search for a product or service, the first place they usually go is a search engine like Google. If you are relying on paid ads and your never-changing website to bring customers in, that’s just not going to cut it. Google rewards websites that are publishing new, engaging content with prime spots on their search results. Content marketing will keep your information at the top of search engine listings and help you stand out from the crowd. 

Increase Social Media Following

The role of content in helping to increase your social media following is interesting—when you’re putting out information consistently online, through social media channels, and other outlets, you will be rewarded with followers. Consistency in posting is key, and you’ll see an increase in your social media numbers. 

Display Personality and Charm

What is the most engaging type of content? It’s content that shows your customers who you are and allows the personality of your business to come through. Content marketing is the perfect way to have some fun and show your customers what makes your business personal and special. 

Reach Customers At Their Level

It’s been proven that people learn in a variety of different ways. Some people are visual learners and benefit from video content or others are more drawn to the written word. Content marketing allows you to provide a multitude of different formats that work for the different ways that people absorb information. 

Position Yourself as an Expert

Creating and sharing content for your marketing means that you will be building a base of knowledge and expertise in your field. Blog posts, videos, social media posts...all of these pieces of content will get your name out there and established as the “go-to” for your area of business. 

Educate Your Customers

As you are positioning yourself as an expert, this leads directly into another benefit of content marketing: education of your customer. An informed buyer is a happy buyer, and your content will help them feel like they know everything on their journey to purchase. 

Become Less Annoying For Your Customers

Did you know that 40% of internet users are utilizing ad blockers? Traditional ads like banner ads and other paid promotions can be a big waste of money if your customers aren’t even seeing them! What is the most engaging type of content? That which your customer actually sees, of course. Content marketing can help you get around those ad blockers and provide your customer with content that they will actually pay attention to. 

Increase Visibility of Your Brand

Pushing out content and keeping your business at the top of SEO rankings will help immensely with the visibility of your brand. Content marketing helps you to be seen by the right eyes, and visibility is a precious commodity. 

Build Brand Loyalty

Every brand has “super fans” and loyal customers, and a well-developed content marketing strategy will help keep those fans engaged and happy. Not only that, but your content can also help convert those mildly interested people into loyal customers and on their way to becoming super fans. Content marketing keeps your business fresh in their mind and feeling passionate about your business. 


It used to be said that people have to see something 6 times before they purchase. Unfortunately, due to the increase in advertising, that number has now increased to 10. The importance of content is that it gets your business in front of customers’  eyes and that leads directly to sales and money in your pocket. 

Now what?

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