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3 important things for marketers to watch in 2018

by Christopher Day, on January 4, 2018

As we head into 2018, marketers are gearing up for a transformational year.

 The lines between traditional and digital marketing are blurring, and shoppers are demanding more than ever before. 

DemandJump CEO, Christopher Day, weighs in on 3 critical things marketers must pay attention to right now. 

Check out the summary below:

  1. Take control of your own destiny. Outsourcing various pieces of marketing strategy and execution is absolutely ok. But make sure you are always on top of things and that your vendors are transparent.
  2. Do you own your own search accounts? I know this sounds elementary, but you've got to go check it out right now and make sure you have control over those accounts.
  3. Find vendors who charge you a percent of revenue, not a percentage of marketing spend. That way, you know that you are both aligned on the most important goals. 

A copy of the transcript is included below. 


Three Important Things for Marketers to Watch in 2018

Hello, this is Christopher Day, CEO of demand jump coming to you from HQ 1 in Indianapolis.

We have a lot of customers that have been asking us recently what some of the big things they should be looking out for if they're totally getting off the rails in marketing.

We wanted to share the three top things that we’re seeing and also offer up three really super simple solutions.

Number one, it's shocking the amount of times that we find in companies where they're basically outsourcing their strategy and tactical execution. So how do we simplify this number one problem when they have internal project managers that are basically outsourcing all of the strategy and technical execution to a third party?

The second thing we're seeing, which will shock you, is a lot of companies do not own their own search accounts. So think about Google Search or Bing, and others.

They literally do not own their own account. It is in the name of a third party which means that these companies have no control of their destiny. So, please go check right now who owns your actual search account.

If it is not your company, if it's a third party vendor, you've got to take back control immediately.

And even if they execute for you, that's fine. But it has to be under your control.

Number three is when vendors charge you a percent of spend. This is an old, broken model. If you're paying a vendor a percentage of the marketing spend that you're deploying in the marketplace you are not aligned with the company you're working with.

So, real quick recap. Three things to go look for right now:

  1. If your strategy is set up where you have project managers outsourcing the strategy and tactical execution in your company, you should change that immediately.
  2. Do you own your own search accounts? I know this sounds elementary, but you've got to go check it out right now and make sure you have control over those accounts.
  3. If you're paying your outside vendors as a percentage of your overall marketing spend, your strategy and your goals are not aligned and that should be changed immediately.

That's it for today we'll talk to you soon thanks!

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