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3 Reasons Why SEO Is Important for Your Online Success

February 11, 2021 DJ Team

why SEO is important to your online success

In order to climb the ladder of success for your business, you must know about your business’ competition. You have to know what your competitors are doing and how you compare, and how to stand out in a crowd competing for your target audience’s attention. Once you have identified these competitive opportunities and gaps, you can begin laying out your content marketing strategy to propel long term growth.

SEO is a critical part of outshining your competition. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is the process by which a website or matching content appears in search results. With a successful SEO strategy, keywords and phrases included in your content could show as top results on platforms such as Google. In order to compete for search result rankings, you have to know:

  • What your customers are searching and the questions they are asking.
  • Where your competitors are focusing their marketing efforts.
  • The most valuable keywords and phrases that your customers search.

But it takes so much more than knowing what the keywords are. You have to actually use them in everything that you do relating to that area of focus, including blog content, social content, etc. SEO, then, becomes your gameplan, and that is why SEO is important, but let’s dive deeper into the 3 reason SEO is so vital to scalable growth.

#1 SEO Builds Trust

A sound SEO strategy gives your business the upper hand because it will ensure consistency across content and platforms. When a customer sees that your business is clearly defined across several channels, it evokes trust. At this point, you will be able to leverage your brand as a trusted and authoritative player. Additionally, you brand becomes even strong with the following elements:

  • Strong backlinks: These links connect to other webpages. For example, if you have a link in your article discussing new tech that leads to the Apple website.
  • Optimized content: The more user-friendly your content is, the more likely you are to have returning customers. This involves using high-quality images and fluid layouts that prevent as much delay or slower page-loading times as possible.

Building a desired level of trust from your prospective and current customers will take time. Your brand authority comes in due time as you consistently offer content, products, and services that your audience wants.

Successful SEO Strategy Needs Keywords

#2 Effective SEO Creates More Traffic and Sales

SEO allows you to stay in front of prospective customers when they are searching topics related to your business. Through a robust multichannel––or even, an omnichannel marketing strategy––a business can use SEO to increase traffic significantly. Multichannel marketing allows you to communicate company messaging and brand authority across multiple channels like radio, television, email, social media, applications, and direct mail. Omnichannel marketing, then, takes a more personal approach, tapping directly into the needs of your audience and delivering a single idea across many channels.

Imagine that you are searching for the newest iPhone on Google and find the Apple website but immediately find yourself interrupted by work, children, or a random phone call; you never make it back to the website. But then, miraculously, you’re scrolling through Facebook and you see an ad for the new iPhone. Pretty neat, right? Because you were able to see on more than one channel, Apple now has an increased probability of a sale from you. This journey often starts with an organic search, again, highlighting the importance of a sound SEO strategy.

#3 SEO Is Measurable

With google analytics and other site analytics tools it is easy to see the traffic coming from the content you create. Although these tools often fall short of informing on the true impact of a piece of content - the revenue generated from that content.

3 Reasons SEO is important

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