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Tyler Foxworthy

Tyler Foxworthy

Tyler Foxworthy is a mathematician and computational scientist working on a wide range of problems in machine learning and marketing analytics. His research is largely focused on the development of high performance algorithms for natural language processing, complex networks, and predictive modeling. Tyler’s previous experience includes leadership and research roles in academia, biotech, and management consulting. Tyler has been a speaker at international scientific and mathematics conferences, including the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Recent Posts by Tyler Foxworthy:

by Tyler Foxworthy, on March 15, 2018

What is the potential of AI? Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist of DemandJump, sifts through the noise and talks about the real value or artificial intelligence now and into the future …

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by Tyler Foxworthy, on March 7, 2018

The purpose of this post is to expose executives and marketers to changes in the world of AI and explain why these developments are relevant for a wide variety of …

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by Tyler Foxworthy, on February 27, 2018

Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist at DemandJump, discusses the similarities of marketing and investing. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Tyler: Hi, I'm Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist at DemandJump, and I lead all of our research …

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by Tyler Foxworthy, on February 14, 2018

For Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist at DemandJump, the vast majority of marketers are missing the most important step when it comes to CPM or CPC-based advertising - particularly display. For …

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by Tyler Foxworthy, on January 13, 2016

In recent months there appears to be a growing consensus in the startup world that data, not algorithms, is the lifeblood of nascent technology companies. In many ways this makes …

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by Tyler Foxworthy, on November 18, 2015

Many marketers struggle to identify and prioritize opportunities because they do not have the analytical tools to quantify the value of traffic sources within an evolving market ecosystem. Tools such …

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