Content Marketing Ideas: Lessons From 2020

December 11, 2020 DJ Team

Content Marketing Ideas from 2020 As COVID-19 forced many brands to restrategize how they’ll market to their audiences, 2020 quickly proved to be a big year for digital marketers across the world. Many traditional B2B marketing avenues, like trade shows, suddenly became irrelevant. In turn, content marketing became the focus as consumers started staying indoors and avoiding public spaces. B2C marketers now had to look for alternative content marketing ideas to fulfill their intent with on-site marketing.

As we look to the future of content marketing, 2020 has a lot to offer eager minds ready to learn and improve. What have we noticed about how the marketing industry shifted focus, and what ideas can we glean from a year of nuanced marketing initiatives? Let’s take a look.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

The show must go on. That’s exactly what good content marketers learned in 2020. As the world changes, content marketing tactics and strategies shift alongside. For those who made the bittersweet transition to digital marketing, you’re finally making it into the most efficient marketing arena on the planet. Welcome! Things are a little different here — you can target your audiences directly, connect with a growing consumer base, and even utilize key data to make educated decisions when adding to your list of content marketing ideas.

The biggest bonus to content marketing is that both sides benefit— the marketer and the consumers. Because content marketing pushed businesses to create valuable, useful content for their audiences. Sure, there might be a call to action tacked on to most content marketing ideas, but the heart of the content itself is to provide consumers with something they can take value away from. Like a tip-focused blog, a top 10 video, or even shared testimonials around a product or service. The goal is to enable your audience to learn and make better decisions when facing their problems. This also builds reputation and, perhaps most importantly, trust. That trust can ultimately lead to new business opportunities, loyal customers, and increased brand awareness.

Marketers and Consumers benefit from Content Marketing

One thing that’s certain is that no matter what tomorrow looks like, there will still be benefits to content marketing.

Content Marketing Examples from 2020

If the competitive nature of content marketing is heavy, how do marketers look to create unique, data-driven content that consumers will not only enjoy, but engage in? Well that answer is actually very simple: listen to your consumers, watch your competitors, stay up-to-date on current topics, and look at what other brands are doing that are making waves online.

Finding inspiration isn’t always so hard, either. As you browse the internet for work and play, think about what catches your attention. Sometimes, the best way to find creative solutions for your business is by studying what others have done. Here are three fantastic content marketing ideas that proved successful in 2020.

Dove | Courage is Beautiful

Dove has given many years to it’s Real Beauty campaign, inspiring men and women alike to find their own natural beauty. In 2020, Dove shared the Courage is Beautiful video, a stunning example of content marketing that is timely, sensitive, and empowering. The video features frontline healthcare workers without their masks, showcasing the red marks left on their faces from a tiresome shift. Then, it closed with a short message telling viewers that the company was donating to the non-profit organization Direct Relief, and a quick invitation to visit a landing page on Dove’s website to learn more about how Dove is contributing to the well-being of frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Purdue University | Protect Purdue

The education sector has had a rough time this year, especially as many were opening their doors among a global pandemic. Purdue University in Indiana, U.S., flocks their social media platforms with their Protect Purdue, a campaign focused on bringing transparency and information about how the school was prepared to execute a safe school year. To date, their Protect Purdue YouTube playlist contains 30 videos that inspire students and staff to rally together to maintain safe protocols. What’s so great about these videos is how the university draws on the emotional milestones that they’ve seen throughout their history, giving students promise that great things are still to come even during a pandemic.

HBO | #StayHomeBoxOffice

HBO turned 2020s quarantine lemons and made lemonade for everyone. While the majority of the world spent considerably more time locked up at home, HBO saw the opportunity to bring their brand to the masses in a clever way - #StayHomeBoxOffice. This campaign started with the media powerhouse offering up popular hit TV series for homes around the world, for free. No subscription required. By simply turning off the pay-wall on these shows, and sending out social posts with the namesake hashtag, they were able to take advantage of literally sitting prospective customers and giving them a preview of what they have to offer.

Great content marketing ideas are data-driven

While the competition to reach audiences grows online, the data that supports each and every decision becomes more important to the success of all content marketing ideas. Flipping through the inventories of data, weaving in and out of multiple tools — these are the truest growing pains for content marketers worldwide.

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