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[eBook] What we learned from analyzing 5 billion marketing interactions

May 29, 2018 Egan Montgomery


For the first ever Traffic Titans Report, DemandJump’s research team analyzed four brands that drive more than 1,000,000,000 annual visitors every year.

The four websites are:

The most impactful insights we surfaced were related to:

  • Overall trends in traffic
  • Marketing mix and channel diversification
  • Seasonality and shifting markets
  • Where are their opportunities for growth (That’s right! Even these Titans are leaving huge amounts of revenue on the table)
  • Actionable intelligence that marketers can take away?

Throughout this report, all data is obtained from the DemandJump Platform, unless otherwise cited.  This powerful AI engine processes billions of data points and surfaces trends and patterns that will drive revenue.

Download the report right here →

Data in DemandJump is derived from more than 20 sources of data including proprietary data and 3rd party data.  We believe that every great insight starts with robust, cross-channel, granular data. But the real value in DemandJump (included in this report) comes from what we do with that data.  We believe the mathematics and algorithms developed by DemandJump are unlike anything in the marketplace today - surfacing the most valuable sources of traffic for your brand up to three degrees of separation away from your site or, more importantly, your competitors.

Note that relevant insights can be surfaced for virtually any business in any vertical, and, typically we would focus on a specific set of direct and indirect competitors.  If you’re interested in seeing what your actual unique ecosystem looks like and how you can leverage DemandJump to win more new customers, faster and more efficiently, schedule a demo with DemandJump here.

Download the report right here →



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