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Forecasting Consumer Behavior with DemandJump

August 25, 2020 DJ Team

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If forecasting was easy, everyone would trust the weather report and no one ever would have bought an eight track player. Instead, it’s more often that we lose time to an unexpected rainstorm, or lose money reinvesting in our favorite albums. For every one trend we hit on the nose, there are many more that never take off, or that we get on board with too late. Wasted time, wasted money, and wasted energy. Sound familiar? Just ask your Beanie Babies.

But marketers don’t have to live—or-work—in that reality any more, thanks to DemandJump. We specifically created our platform to provide real-time consumer insights marketers use to stay ahead of the trends in consumer behavior. We’d like to introduce you to a few features of our platform that will redefine your approach to marketing and increase marketing ROI quickly, especially the return on your content marketing.

Data-Driven Consumer Behavior Mapping

We’ve written before about the theories behind consumer behavior, and what it boils down to is, every person has radically different motivations for deciding to make a purchase. Some people are trying to meet their basic needs, others are acting on impulse.

As a marketer, what matters to you about this behavior are the details. What does your ideal customer type into a search engine to find a product or service like yours? How long do they look around before finding their way to your content? And does learning about your brand from one channel versus another make a customer more likely to buy?

Questions to ask about consumer behavior
It might sound too good to be true that you could get all these answers and more from a single platform, but we created DemandJump to provide just that insight. Our data-driven consumer behavior mapping gives you insight from the moment a consumer opens their browser to when they finally make a decision about a purchase.

On a micro-level, we show you the exact questions people ask, keywords they search for, and videos they watch while they are exploring the web for a product or service like yours. On a macro-level, we share the total number of websites there are to visit on your topic, who the top advertisers in your industry are, and how you measure up against the competition. This means you’re not just poised to understand the trends in current consumer behavior, but you can also spot the opportunities to do better than your competitors, all in one dashboard.

Automated Marketing Strategy Development

We know that marketing is a tough job, especially in the age of the Internet, when content is king (and queen, get the idea.) Basically, we recognize that once you have all these insights, it’s still a lot of additional work to align your knowledge of consumer behavior with the content you need to produce. Plus, if you’re not getting insights in real-time, you might plan your content strategy weeks in advance, only to arrive at the video shoot or writer’s room and realize the concept is no longer relevant. The real value of content marketing isn’t answering the questions your customers had yesterday, but being there when they come up with a new question tomorrow.

We’ve leveraged the innate analytics power of DemandJump to go beyond our dashboard and develop complete content marketing strategies for our clients using the power of real-time automation. This means you can be confident the marketing strategy provided by DemandJump goes beyond the keywords and popular content you might see on the dashboard to also integrate understanding of consumer behavior. This helps you target the customer with exactly the right content at exactly the right moment to influence their purchase decision. Whether it’s a viral video, social media post, digital sidebar ad, blog post, or some new kind of content we don’t even know is trending yet, DemandJump will be there to help you understand how to use it and improve your bottom line.

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Learn Why We’re Called DemandJump

Across the board, our clients report significant increases in sales pipeline and customer conversions within a short time of using DemandJump. That’s because we think critically about the value of consumer insights beyond the theory. We don’t just want to share high-level data that you have to unpack and use to make your own predictions. You have enough work to do! Instead, we consider it our purpose to provide marketers with actionable insights that ensure your marketing strategy and content is proactive, not reactive. Join us for a free account and see how much we can achieve together.

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