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How Do I Become A Google Content Writer?

January 17, 2023 DJ Team

You’ll find there isn’t one path to becoming a Google content writer, but the typical first step is ensuring you can write clearly and skillfully in English. Interestingly enough, Google doesn’t really have “content writer” positions. Because it’s such a large corporation with hundreds of products, Google has more specific positions to handle all their writing, from blogs containing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content to documentation about programming products.

If you’re on the hunt for technology-based or SaaS content writer jobs, then seeking a career out at Google might be a good route for you to explore.

Google Content Writer Jobs

As you browse through Google’s employment website, Google Careers, and other job sites, you’ll run across three main writing positions:

Google Content Writer Jobs

  • Staff Writers - These writers are listed as “contributors” on Google’s blog, The Keyword. Most of the content on The Keyword, however, is written by a range of guest bloggers and various other positions within the Google corporation.
  • Technical Writers - If you’re instead wondering how to become a technical writer for Google, you’re in luck, as there are Google technical writer jobs. These writers turn technical information into easy-to-understand content, like how-to manuals or FAQ pages for Google users.
  • UX Writers - The demand for user-experience (UX) writers is growing quickly in today’s digital age, and Google is no exception. UX writers create the microcopy you see on apps, websites, and other programs. The goal is to guide users through an experience using clear, concise, and useful writing. Examples of UX writing are the creative messages you might see on a 404 error page or the directions guiding you through a sign-in page.

So, How Do You Become a Google Content Writer?

To become a content writer for Google, you’ll first need to have a mastery of the English language. As Google mentions on their page about becoming a technical writer, “Write clearly in English. We don't care whether English is your first language or your tenth; we only care about the quality of your writing in English.”

Beyond this, there are a few other tasks you’ll need to complete to improve your chances of writing for Google, like:

How Do You Become a Google Content Writer?

  • Getting Your Name Out There - If you’re newer to professional writing, you need to get your name out into the world. An excellent place to start is creating your own website to write about topics you’re passionate about or the latest trends in niche fields that interest you. To move your site further up Google search results, you can use keyword research platforms like DemandJump to improve your rankings and understand what your target audience wants to read about. Your blog can also be a place to host your writing portfolio, which brings us to…
  • Creating a Writing Portfolio - Anyone who hires you to write is going to need proof of your writing skills, and it must be accessible online. You can use website creation platforms like Wix or Weebly to build a portfolio, or there are portfolio-specific creation websites like Your portfolio should be a collection of your best work to showcase to potential employers what you’re capable of.
  • Taking Writing Courses - Google offers multiple writing courses to budding and experienced writers alike, such as its business writing course and numerous technical writing courses. These courses can greatly boost your writing confidence and knowledge—not to mention your resume.
  • Making a LinkedIn Profile - LinkedIn is the top channel for recruiters, with 77% of recruiters going to LinkedIn to find talented people. It’s another way to brand yourself online and to ensure top companies like Google are seeing you. You should also use your LinkedIn to show off your writing skills and engage with other folks in the industry.
  • Gaining Some Experience - If questions like, “Can I be a technical writer with no experience?” have been running through your head, we’re sorry to tell you that the answer is most likely no. You probably aren’t going to find a fresh-out-of-college-with-no-experience writer on the team at Google. See for yourself—hop on LinkedIn and search “writer for Google” to examine the paths of other Google writers and get some ideas on how to gain experience. Many of them come from writing backgrounds, although some technical writers have experience in other related fields like engineering. You can also check Google Careers for writing internships or start with freelance writing through websites like Textbroker or Fiverr.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for an open writing position with Google. You’ll have your portfolio and everything else lined up and ready to go when that time comes. And as you move forward in your professional writing career, consider keeping DemandJump in your writer’s toolbox. Our platform will show you the exact content to create to increase first-page search engine rankings—for yourself, for Google, or whomever you end up working for. Give it a try for free by clicking the button below!

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