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How Do You Run a PBM Strategy?

June 14, 2022 Jeremy Flick

How do you run a PBM strategy?

You might be asking, “What’s a PBM platform?” You’ve come to the right place! A Pillar-Based Marketing platform is the newest way to create a content strategy and bring organic traffic to your website. Using a PBM platform means finding high-value keywords and phrases, creating strong content marketing, and understanding marketing attribution all in one place. But where exactly can you find a platform that helps you run the best PBM strategy?

The good news is DemandJump has pioneered PBM as the one and only PBM platform, and we’re here to share the secrets to building the perfect strategy for your business! We can help you develop a data-backed Pillar-Based Marketing strategy that gets your content ranked on page one of Google above your competitors. Not only that, but we have a PBM strategy template to guide you in building a plan. That’s right—PBM brings an end to tireless research and keyword stuffing and you can start seeing great results! Let’s dive into PBM strategies and how you can implement them into your content creation.

What Are PBM Strategies?

PBM is a comprehensive strategy that helps you create high-quality content to drive organic web search results. With the right tools, like DemandJump, keywords research and content creation is easy. Most marketing strategies require a lot of research and development, which can get expensive. It can also be rather time-consuming, spending hours or sometimes days researching competitors and what might be a high-value keyword. We’ve created a platform and strategy that takes out the guesswork and ensures you get the most out of your marketing. So here’s how PBM works:

PBM Strategy List

  1. You research high-ranking keywords and phrases using built-in insight reports to gain a better understanding of what your customers are searching for online.
  2. Once you’ve used those insights, you develop a content pillar strategy to build up content on your website—more on that in a moment.
  3. Finally, you analyze your market attributions to see the fruits of your labor. What works? What doesn’t work? How much did your business increase from a certain campaign?

Does this sound like a lot of work? It definitely can be if you don’t have the right tools to do the job. Thankfully DemandJump has you covered, so you don’t have to do the dirty work by yourself. But what does this strategy look like in practice?

How Do You Create a PBM Strategy?

Here’s how to run PBM: Pillar-Based Marketing is centered around the content pillar strategy—when you build up your content and connect it together. A content pillar is created with three categories of content:

  • Pillar: “The Ultimate Guide” — A comprehensive piece of content that explores your main topic in detail. (3,000 words / ~20 keywords)
  • Sub-Pillar: A more focused piece of content that explores a sub-topic within the pillar. (1,500 words / ~15 keywords)
  • Supporting Blog: A very specific piece of content that answers a few questions related to the sub-pillar or pillar topic. (750 words / ~8 keywords)

With a PBM framework, you should be creating a 16-piece pillar strategy that answers all of the questions about a certain topic. With 1 pillar page, 3 sub-pillars, and 12 supporting blogs, your strategy will be connected directly to the other pieces of content. We recommend that all content is completed before publishing on your website. Publishing content all at once will drive better results!

This structure not only helps customers find information more easily, but it helps Google see your content pillar as one large piece. Doing this makes you an authority on your topic according to the search engines, so you’ll start ranking higher in the search results.

Authority in search rankingsHow Do You Implement a PBM Strategy?

Of course, understanding the structure of PBM is just the start. For the best way to get in-depth instruction on PBM and how to begin your PBM journey, we offer a free content strategy resource library called DemandJump University. With your free DemandJump account, you have access to all of the courses and training:

  • Intro to Pillar-Based Marketing: We introduce PBM so you can learn about what it is and its overall effectiveness.
  • DemandJump Account Setup: Once you understand the basics, we help you set up your DemandJump account so you can build your first pillar plan.
  • Pillar Topic Discovery: If you’re struggling to decide what your content should cover, we’ve designed this course to guide you through the process.
  • Building a Pillar Strategy: This course is a deep dive into researching keywords. We show you how DemandJump makes research easy as compared to manually searching Google.
  • Creating Pillar Content: Writing can be hard, but we’ve developed a bulletproof way to write interesting and effective content that gets page one search results.
  • Measuring Pillar Results: If you’re wondering how your content is doing, we can help you track your web traffic.

How Do You Run a Successful PBM Campaign?

If you follow the PBM strategy, you’ll organically have better results. Social media or email marketing, paid search, and other techniques to promote the content and drive traffic will amp up the success of your campaign. Start by taking advantage of DemandJump University, which will give you the tools you need to use our platform. Once you’ve used those resources, you’ll be able to create your own content pillar strategy and get writing! By establishing your content as an authority in your industry, you can be successful and reach page one on Google. A successful PBM strategy comes from following the plan. You’ll see quick and surprising results. It’s really that simple.

Get Started With Pillar-Based Marketing

At DemandJump, we are experts at Pillar-Based Marketing. As the exclusive PBM company, we have built our offerings from the ground up so you can develop the best marketing strategy for your business and see great results! By using DemandJump University and sticking to a content pillar strategy, your PBM will inspire a wealth of content and drive organic traffic to your website. Land on page one with DemandJump!

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