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How to Find a Good Blog Topic: Aligning to Search Behavior

September 29, 2020 DJ Team

How to find a good blog topic: aligning to search behavior header

Unique blog ideas aren’t always easy to come by. Maybe you are interested in an idea, but it’s not clearly relevant to your brand. Or, the high demand blog topics in your industry seem so exhausted, it’s hard to think about how to say something new--or say it better than your competition.

All these challenges can be addressed with the right topic. Whether it’s figuring out how your professional interests align with your brand position, or breaking down the trending blog topics to determine where your perspective brings something new to the conversation, consumer insights and the right inspiration are all you need to turn that frustration into excitement about the next piece of marketing content on your calendar.

Future of Blogging

Blogs have been around so long, you might think they aren’t necessary anymore. But statistics show that the opposite is true. Companies with blogs have 55% more web visitors than those without!

Blogs are important parts of any marketing strategy, both for web authority in search rankings and to give your audience new content that tells them more about your brand. 77% of users like to read blogs regularly, even with the simultaneous rising popularity of video.

Important Blog Stats

Many marketers and influencers have turned to the idea of the “micro-blog” on Instagram or Facebook, using social media posts as a version of a blog. While this might be an effective element of marketing, it’s also important to realize some of the profitable features of a blog are lost with this approach. Plus, you don’t control the content and how it is seen or shared once it’s featured on social media.

One of the main values a blog has for a brand is the development of search engine authority when you include keywords in the copy. This is how to get traffic to your blog, by including terms you know your audience is looking for.

But just because you know people on the web search for “cat videos” doesn’t mean you should write a blog about it. Choosing blog topics isn’t just about picking the most popular ideas, but also the ones that lead to more sales for your business.

What Are the Most Profitable Blog Topics?

“Come on, enough about why to blog,” you might be thinking. “What should I blog about? What will get my business customers?” To get the blog topic generator between your ears fired up, consider these prompts:

  • Current Events and Industry Trends: What news do your audiences need to know?
  • How-To Posts: What can you teach audiences to do for themselves while still keeping a need for your product or service?
  • Question and Answer With an Expert: If you can’t teach it, can you interview someone else to share their perspective?
  • Do’s and Don’ts: What are common mistakes customers make, and how can you help readers avoid those issues?

These are just some options for tried-and-true blog topics that can be adapted for any industry or scenario. Interviews, testimonials, case studies, or other content shows your readers how your brand provides value, while current events and news updates keep them coming back for more.

Blog prompt ideas

Turning a Topic Into the Body of a Blog

Once you decide on the topic, creating the content is the next step, of course. Here are a few tips about the best practices for blogging:

  • Think about what your audience will gain from the blog and keep that front-of-mind.
  • Trust the reader’s attention span: long content attracts and retains more readers, according to research.
  • Make sure to include images optimized for SEO keywords.
  • Post blogs often and share your content on the social channels that are relevant in your industry.

When in doubt, do some reading. You’ll be able to get ideas from some content and see the flaws in other posts. Both help you get momentum to write original content yourself.

The Best Content Idea Generator

Choosing a good blog topic is easier with the right information in front of you. We created DemandJump as a one-stop source for marketing inspiration. Our custom dashboard draws in data about the most popular search terms related to your idea, as well as a list of the content on the web that is currently attracting the most attention. We even divide up the concepts to show you what customers in the beginning, middle, and end of shopping for your brand have in common and where they differ. This lets your imagination go to work, leveraging your insight to create great content.

Our customers regularly see huge improvements in the number and quality of their leads within a few weeks of using our platform. Don’t take our word for it; start your 7-day free trial and get insights into any topic along with instant content outlines.

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