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Google Analytics tips and tricks: part 6 & 7 [VIDEO]

June 23, 2016 Brennan Walker

Last week’s videos took a look at connecting your other Google accounts like AdWords or Webmaster and using Google tags effectively. This week Shawn will take you through custom channels (Part 6) and remarketing lists (Part 7).


Using custom channels allows you to get a more indepth look at how your inbound marketing efforts are faring. Setting up custom channels makes sure that you’re not missing important data points about your visitors.  

If you need a step-by-step guide on setting up custom channels Bonfire Marketing has put one together here.

In part 7 Shawn emphasizes the importance of using remarketing lists to increase engagements with visitors who have been on your site during a set period of time.



Remarketing is especially important for online retailers. For example, in an aggregation of 33 cart abandonment studies Baymard Institute found that the average abandonment rate was 68.63%.

Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, makes a great point about customer abandonment mindset in a blog post, “[It] does not mean that the prospective customer hates your brand and will never buy from you. Rather, it means that he lost motivation and diverted his attention to something else.”

A prospective customer who left a site with a product still in their cart is usually quite aware of the product.  That means converting this prospective customer into a sale will cost a lot less than attracting a new customer, and that’s why remarketing can be so valuable.

Google Analytics’ default remarketing list has a 30 day setting, but Shawn recommends setting up multiple lists from 30 days to 540 days.  Doing this allows you to use different marketing tactics depending on the last time someone visited your site.  

Remarketing lists only go into effect after they have been created, so Shawn recommends making them as soon as possible.  

Lastly, this video also goes into combining remarketing lists with AdWords.  In doing this you can show different ads to visitors based on the last time they visited and if they’re a current customer or not.

Parts 6 and 7 focus on how to get the most out of your website by getting an in depth look at your visitors with custom channels and increasing conversions with remarketing lists.  

If you enjoyed these videos you can watch our other videos here on our YouTube channel.

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