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Shawn Schwegman

Shawn Schwegman

Shawn Schwegman is an Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, CEO, CMO, CTO, and advisor for more than a dozen startup companies and countless top brands. Previously, Shawn was the VP of Marketing and CTO for Overstock.com, which grew from $3M to over $800M in 5 years. As CMO of ChaCha, Shawn was responsible for growing customer base from 12M monthly visits to over 80M monthly visits in 2 years, catapulting ChaCha to a top 50 website and top 5 mobile property. Shawn has advised companies including Sally Beauty, Target, NewEgg, eToys, Cisco, Overstock, Costco, and countless others with online marketing and growth strategy.

Recent Posts by Shawn Schwegman:

by Shawn Schwegman, on May 15, 2020

Want free consumer insights specific to your industry? Click here. Transcript: I won’t bore everyone with my background but I'll point out a couple quick highlights just to set the …

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Topics:Consumer Insights

by Shawn Schwegman, on July 3, 2018

Shawn Schwegman helped propel Overstock.com from $3M to $800M in revenue. Now, he's productized the same marketing strategies and multiplied their effectiveness with DemandJump's platform. Hear his story in the video …

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Topics:Marketing Management

by Shawn Schwegman, on March 1, 2018

Real results backed by cold hard data. Display and remarketing has finally met it's better half. Tune in to learn how you can double your results without spending any more …

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Topics:Marketing ManagementProgrammatic Advertising

by Shawn Schwegman, on February 24, 2016

Today’s digital marketers live in the most dynamic and complicated Internet ecosystem we have ever seen. Those of us tasked with making sense of this ecosystem—figuring out how to navigate …

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Topics:Marketing Management

by Shawn Schwegman, on January 15, 2016

We hear the phrase “Predictive Analytics” thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? At its core, predictive analytics is the ability to identify future opportunities …

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Topics:Marketing AnalyticsMarketing Management

by Shawn Schwegman, on November 18, 2015

Great Fermentations Saw 400% Growth in Online Sales Great Fermentations is a one-stop shop for home beer and wine makers. Since 1995, they’ve been providing beer and wine enthusiasts with …

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