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On-demand webinar: double your display and remarketing performance

March 1, 2018 Shawn Schwegman



Real results backed by cold hard data. Display and remarketing has finally met it's better half. Tune in to learn how you can double your results without spending any more money.

When it comes to display and remarketing, marketers have always focused on audience targeting — or what we at DemandJump refer to as "The Who". However, when it comes to display, marketers seem to always forget about digital location — "The Where". And we aren't talking talk about "where" in terms of geography. We mean what sites should your ads be placed on to maximize customer acquisition, while eliminating wasted spend?

In this webinar, Shawn Schwegman, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at DemandJump, opens up his vast cavern of knowledge and delivers truly sage-like wisdom about how to 2X revenue from display and remarketing by focusing on "The Where". Register now and you'll learn:

  • Why digital location matters more than audience
  • Real success examples backed by real data
  • Best practices on how to double your display and remarketing performance
  • An understanding exactly how big of a deal this is

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