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Is Content Marketing A Good Career?

December 29, 2020 DJ Team

Content Marketing is a thriving, dynamic field that changes year over year with new opportunities, new trends, and innovative ways to use technology to reach audiences. So the short answer to the question in the title is, yes!

Content Marketing is a great career for the adventurous. If you adapt quickly to changing dynamics, value communication over all else, and can tell a good story, a content marketing job may be perfect for you!

Why Do You Want to Build a Career in Content Marketing?

Over the past decades, the importance and relevance of content marketing has surged with increased activity online and on social media platforms. Most businesses now utilize content marketing in some way, for a simple reason: it drives business growth. There will be a continued demand, in some capacity, for content marketing.

But the value of content marketing is two-fold: it drives business growth, and a job in content marketing is a boon to your greater career goals.

  • Teaches you to promote and communicate the very best about a business.
  • Develops you as a communicator, business developer, and visionary.
  • Offers direct experience linking marketing strategy to ROI.

These are selling points as you apply for competitive, coveted positions in a host of different business sectors. As you interact with marketers, sales personnel, development teams, learn from each so you understand how the hive operates.

How Do I Start a Career in Content Writing?

Content marketing includes a host of different jobs and positions, but let’s use content writing as a jumping off point as we imagine a career in this field. Regardless of the medium, the goal is to employ content to connect with your audience.

  • Study the Game: Every content developer will tell you the importance of acting like a sponge in the early days of your career, studying every successful and unsuccessful piece of content or content strategy.
  • Follow Genre Conventions: Each platform will have a different set of genre conventions—or, audience expectations you need to meet. For example, who would sit through a two-hour How-To YouTube video on the basics of doing laundry when a two-minute tutorial would suffice? As you study content examples on each platform, make note of the choices the most successful creators make.
  • Know Your Audience: Know what your audience values, because you have to meet them at a point of interest with your content. Where do they get their information? Who do they consider experts on a given topic? How do you use your content to appeal to authority so that they trust your content? That’s the key to creating content authenticity.

Tips and tricks for starting your content marketing career: study the game, follow genre conventions, know your audience.

What Percentage of Brands Are Now Investing in Content Marketing?

According to HubSpot’s 2021’s Annual Marketing Report, “82% of marketers actively use content marketing.” It’s no surprise since investing in content marketing creates leads, generates brand awareness, and can establish your company as a topic authority, which all have positive impacts on ROI. Brands understand that content creation now outperforms antiquated models such as direct mail or PR, and they’ll put the money behind it.

Is Salary Why I Want to Build a Career in Content Marketing?

While looking into beginning a career in any industry, you evaluate the long-term and short-term pay-off on your investment. Do you risk passing the bar on your first attempt after years in law school in hopes of landing that coveted spot at the firm? What’s it worth to you?

With content marketing, we’ve already discussed the merits of the experience, and how it can translate to other positions, but in the short term, what does your annual look like? This varies with geography and where you begin your career, but entry content marketers are looking at $31,000-$65,000 yearly.

How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Content Marketing?

At the end of the day—or after years developing your career—you want to know you made an impact and saw success.

Content marketing jobs are different from a field like sales: you don’t necessarily see those direct, in-front-of-your-face success stories. But there are other ways to measure the effectiveness of content marketing—and that’s in your data analytics.

Options exist within social media and Google analytics to see the data after you’ve published content. The average amount of time spent on a page by viewers, the demographics of who read or watched your content, total amount of page visits. This is a combination of the quality of content, the resources spent promoting it, and the ever-present gamble of content creation.

At the end of the day or after years developing your career, you want to know you made an impact and saw success.

Data Doesn’t Lie

Demand Jump is an online platform where you can plan, create, share, and analyze content and content strategies. Even better, it’s all in one spot! Our tools help you do everything from planning your content marketing strategy, to knowing exactly what pieces to write, and analyzing the impact after you publish. All of it is driven by what real people are actually searching for around your topic, so you know you’re talking straight to your potential customers as they’re searching for answers you can provide!

As a content marketer, you need to keep a finger to the pulse of the industry. Try DemandJump for free today and be a better content writer now!

And if you’re ready to put those content writer skills to work, check out the Demand Jump career opportunities too.

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