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The Online Customer Journey

by DJ Team, on March 26, 2020


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Everyday, people are searching online for things they want - products, services, and information. No two Customer Journeys are the same.

Take these two online customer journeys for example:

One is looking at the effects of ocean plastic, while the other is interested in celebrity fashion. The person on the left began researching ocean pollution and then what action is being taken to clean it. Which led them to products being made with recycled ocean plastic.

The person on the right started with a query on why a certain brand of shoe is so popular, then looked at who wears them and if they make good running shoes.

Search engines are processing billions of searches like these every single day.

Imagine if you could see exactly what was top of mind for your target audience - the questions they ask, websites they visit and even the videos they watch.

All consumers will begin their journey in very different places, but those unique paths can lead to the same product. 

Marketers have always struggled to understand consumer behavior - until now - with DemandJump's Customer Journey Map.

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