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[VIDEO] Our big discovery: visibility of Your digital ecosystem

January 31, 2018 Christopher Day


Marketers today only have visibility over 20% of their digital ecosystem. There is gold in the other 80%. Christopher Day, CEO of DemandJump, shares his big discovery and the impact it will have on marketers. 


Christopher: Hello! Christopher Day, CEO of DemandJump, coming to you live from HQ1 in Indianapolis. We wanted to share a massive discovery that we've just made over the last few months. This is going to be shocking, but marketing used to be all about a linear activity where we would mark it on a one-to-one scenario, people would buy our stuff and we figure out how to market to that better.

We've been building this concept of a competitive digital ecosystem over the last twenty four months and what we have discovered is that every single company we look at only has on average between 12% and 20% connectivity within their actual network, the actual slice of the network of the internet that they live within. Meaning, you are missing out right now on over 80% of opportunities that can drive you revenue.

We know this sounds a little bit crazy, but this is all about understanding the sites, sources, and influencers that impact your company every day and being able to unwind all of those different site, sources, and influencers to understand who can have the greatest positive impact on your business.

Anyways, we wanted to share that with you quickly, we know it's a quick sound bite and you might have a lot of questions which we'll get into later. We have a lot more blog posts coming up on this, but the big groundbreaking discovery that we've made is that on average, companies today only have 20% visibility into the actual world where consumers go buy stuff and they only have 20% visibility into that world where people can actually help them drive their revenue.

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