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Small Edits, Big Results: How Current Lighting Lit Up Page 1 With Content Auditing

July 31, 2023 Drew Detzler

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Getting to the top of page rankings doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel with your content. In fact, sometimes all your content “wheel” needs is a few adjustments and rotations to improve. A company called Current Lighting saw this first hand—namely, by working with DemandJump’s Content Advisory team.

DemandJump doesn’t just create good content: we optimize existing content. We have a team of strategists who research, develop, and optimize Pillar-Based Marketing plans for organizations of all industries. Even if your content is written well (which it is, when you work with us), the ever-changing nature of search trends means that sometimes, good ideas lose steam before hitting page one. But before you throw out the blogs with the bathwater, consider trying some Content Advisory services.

By getting hands-on help, you may see growth not just in your rankings, but your PBM expertise. Keep reading to see how Current Lighting worked with DemandJump to adjust their Pillar content, and the results that followed.

The Goal

Current Lighting, a business focused on energy management systems, partnered with DemandJump to drive more rankings, traffic, and leads. The Current Lighting team was already a fan of Pillar-Based Marketing, and sought out our help to improve rankings around their Pillar topic “Lighting Controls.” They had an existing network of content, so rather than start from scratch, Current Lighting wanted to see how their current pages could be improved.

The Process

Once the goal was set, our Content Advisory team got to work. They examined six pages of Current Lighting’s current website, making small tweaks to improve performance. This included adjusting content keywords and subject matter to better reflect what customers are searching now, compared to when the content was initially published. By using current consumer data to refine the existing Pillar network, DemandJump was able to maintain the strong content web but revamp it to better track with today’s search trends.

The Results

With a few changes to their site, Current Lighting saw a huge traffic increase in just a month. Here are some of the wins they celebrated:

  • 100%+ increase in page one rankings - from 6 to 16
  • Improved average rankings on individual keywords
  • 1 month time to value

These results are tough to be upset about; after all, what’s better than 100%? (We know it’s technically possible to go higher, but that’s pretty dang good.)

(Demand)Jump-Start Your Content With Us!

Before you invest in a whole new content network, let a team of experts look at what you already have. It’s possible you already have the bones of a great Pillar network and it just needs some fleshing out. That’s one of the many services we provide at DemandJump. Through expert auditing and adjustments to better match the search market of today, we can breathe new life into your existing creations.

If you’re ready to boost your content to the next level, reach out to us and schedule a meeting today!

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