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Stronger Together - DemandJump Support During COVID-19

March 25, 2020 Christopher Day

Stronger Together - DemandJump Support During COVID-19

As we all grapple with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. It is amazing to see people and communities pulling together.  Although the future of this rapidly changing situation is unknown at this moment, we are confident that by continuing to serve each other, we will become stronger, together.

Commonly Asked Questions from Our Customers & Peers

  • How do I operate my marketing team remotely from home?
  • How do I create content that resonates with the consumers in this time of crisis?
  • What can I do differently to make our brand stand out during this hard time?
  • Is it wrong to market our brand during all of this?

Commonly Asked Questions from Online Consumers

  • How long will this last? 
  • Should I plan to quarantine longer than 2 weeks? 
  • What is the worst that could happen?  

These types of questions are top of mind for consumers everywhere, but you might be thinking, “How does this affect my business?”,  “What has changed since the outbreak started?”, and furthermore, “How do I prepare for the post-COVID-19 world?”. 

How DemandJump Can Help

I wanted to personally reach out to you to share how DemandJump would like to give back during these uncertain times. While we can’t provide all the answers to the questions being asked related to this crisis,  we can offer Consumer Insights for any product or service you sell, which show you exactly what your target market is asking, and the websites they are visiting to get answers. We can also provide key insights on what other companies are doing with these queries during this unprecedented time. 

Our Offer For Our Customers

For at least the next 60 days, we are giving our customers unlimited access to Consumer Insights as we experience unparalleled volumes of questions and changes in consumer behavior.  

Our Offer to the Community

To help during these challenging times, from now through April 30th, we’ve decided to extend our free trial to 60 days.  We’re also eliminating the need to enter a credit card to get started. During this period, anyone can leverage DemandJump’s platform to gain Consumer Insights for you or your business.  We want to do our part to help you immediately, so here’s our offer to the community:

  • 10 Free Consumer Behavior Maps on any topic
  • Extending 7-day free trial to a 60-Day Free Trial
  • No Credit Card Required to get started

Our Customer Success team will be ready to help you and provide additional recommendations along the way. 

We will continue to be dedicated to transparency, boldness, and compassion as we continue working together during this challenging time.

Wishing your team continued health and safety!


Christopher Day
CEO, DemandJump

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