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The Best Way to Use Keyword Planner: A How-To Guide

September 22, 2021 DJ Team

what is the best way to use google keyword planner

There are many keyword planning tools out there on the market. Many people are familiar with the Google Keyword Planner, an SEO keyword planner tool for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

A quick search on an SEO keyword research tool would also show the key phrase “How to use google keyword planner?” is a popular keyword term in itself. When creating online ads with keywords, it's important to know how to use this free resource effectively.

Let's discuss the best ways to use Google Keyword Planner effectively.

how to effectively use google keyword planner

How Do You Use Keyword Planner Effectively?

Here are a few steps to consider to get the most out of the Google Keyword Planner and lay the groundwork for a successful PPC SEO strategy.

Refine Your Keyword Search

When starting a search in Google Keyword Planner, you are given options to perform basic filtering and refine your audience and budget. There are four options for you to choose from when starting to filter:

  • Searching for new keywords lets you generate new ideas by typing in a phrase, website, or category.
  • Using multiple keywords lists lets you combine two individual lists to create new keyword combinations.
  • Know search volume and trends by seeing the historical and trending data for keywords.
  • Review performance forecasts for clicks and costs to understand performance projections for a keyword list based on average bids and your budget.

After performing this initial step, you'll receive a report that you can filter even further, including reach, data range, and specific keyword filters, such as average monthly searches or what a keyword's competition looks like.

Find Quality Keywords

When struggling to find related or relevant keywords for your brand, the Keyword Planner can help with discovering new phrases that your target audience uses to search for brands like yours. There are several ways that you can look for quality, relevant keywords that you might have not considered before, including:

  • By keyword: If you already have one keyword you know is solid, type in the word and Google will serve you long-tail keywords.
  • By landing page: Type in the URL for a specific page on your website and the Planner will scan the page to create relevant keywords.
  • By product category: Pick a product category that best describes your brand and discover keywords that are frequently searched for in your industry.

Target Ads Toward Geographic Audience

If your business has a physical storefront and you want to reach people looking around your location, you might want to consider using the Keyword Planner's filter that lets you see a keyword's popularity based on language or location.

While a specific keyword might have an overall high search volume in a wide area, this filter will allow you to see if that same search term is widely used in your targeted area.

See What Your Competitors Are Paying

The costs for keywords can go up based on how much competition they have. The competition level is ranked low, medium, or high depending on how many people bid on it. As you might expect, the more competition, the more money it costs. It can get expensive to get your ad to gain a top-level position.

The Keyword Planner can assist with helping you find effective keywords that fit your budget while also showing you what other companies are paying for keywords.

there are other options besides google keyword planner

Is There Any SEO Tool as Good as Google Keyword Planner?

We’re so glad you asked. Although the Google Keyword Planner can be a great, free tool for PPC campaigns or getting started in SEO, it is still limited in many ways. The Keyword Planner can only be used for specific purposes, so it requires marketers to switch between many tools to get the whole picture of their strategy.

DemandJump’s SEO keyword tools provide accuracy in search results by putting together reports that let you see competitive search data, keyword performance, and organic rank data. Our SEO keyword research and planning tools are without hassle and located all in one place.

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