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[VIDEO] The Digital Era and It's Transformational Shift

January 29, 2018 Christopher Day


DemandJump's CEO, Christopher Day, discusses the transformational shift he has recognized in the digital era and what that means for marketers. 


Christopher: Hello! Christopher Day, CEO of DemandJump, coming to you live from HQ1 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Today, we want to talk for a minute about the digital era and the transformational shift that we're seeing in the marketplace.

We are getting more and more companies coming to us that are what we would classify as a CPG, or consumer packaged goods. Companies are understanding that they can no longer put their destiny in full control of various channel partners. Channel partners are typically selling 2, 3, 4, 5,10, 20 different brands and are not necessarily loyal to one or two specific brands.

A massive push is happening right now where CPG companies are going direct to the consumer and what we've also found is it just doesn't fall into the category of consumer packaged goods that we may think about historically, such as if you're selling apparel or fashion, shoes, physical things, products.

We're also seeing financial services going this direction: insurance, pharma and other verticals that are figuring out they have to get direct to the consumer and even if it's just education, the consumer often knows when they go through a channel partner to buy a product or service, what they want to specifically buy, so already you've got to get in front of that consumer.

We are seeing an interesting transformational shift with Amazon right now. 45% of all online sales go through Amazon. That leaves only 55% of the market left for everyone else to fight over. Two quick things that we would suggest:

  1. Right now, today, invest in a best-in-class technology to get control of your digital strategy and go-to-market efforts.
  2. Fulfillment. A lot of people are nervous about 'how am I going to take care of fulfillment?'. There are a lot of companies out there that can handle this for you soup-to-nuts. So it's really only two simple steps: get a best-in-class technology partner and get a fulfillment center and you'll be in business and get control of your destiny.

We'll see you next time!

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