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What Are the Top Three Free PBM Tools Today?

July 8, 2022 McKenzi Sidor

What are the top three free PBM tools today?

Any good marketer knows that the key to successful marketing is connecting with your business’s target audience. Without that connection, your audience is less inclined to visit your website, let alone read your content or buy your product or service. Creating a Pillar-Based Marketing (PBM) strategy helps establish a relationship with your target audience.

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is a PBM strategy, though? It is a marketing technique that gives your audience what they want to read in the kind of language they use. You create content using the high-value keywords and phrases that they search for to solve their problems and satisfy their needs. PBM platforms and tools can help you create these strategies.

What Do PBM Platforms Do?

PBM platforms provide you with the tools you need to create a Pillar-Based Marketing framework with less hassle. Instead of having to manually search for your topic in Google to find related topics and questions that might give you an idea of how your target audience thinks, a PBM platform does all the work for you. You simply type in your topic and get back:

  • Suggestions for content to write
  • High-value keywords and phrases to include in your content
  • Your keyword rankings as well as those of your competitors

Once you have published your content, PBM platforms like DemandJump will also show you how it’s performing. No more having to guess on your content and then deep diving to see the results of your hard work. Without the guesswork, you boost your odds of getting on the first page of Google and increasing your organic traffic. Getting onto the first page of Google is so important because that’s where 92% of search traffic belongs. If you miss the first page, you might miss your chances of your target audience finding your business.

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What Is a PBM Tool?

There are two ways to define a PBM tool. Sometimes PBM tool is used interchangeably with PBM platform. What we’re focusing on here is that it’s a feature within a PBM platform that helps you create and implement a PBM strategy. Each PBM platform should have several of these because the more tools you have, the more informed you will be when creating your strategy. For example, let’s say that a platform’s only tool was providing you high-value keywords. While this would help you in creating content, you still wouldn’t necessarily understand how to build your strategy, how your competitors are ranking compared to you, nor how your content ranks once you post it. You would still have some of that guesswork to deal with, which defeats the purpose of using a PBM platform in the first place.

What is a PBM vendor?

DemandJump offers several tools on our platform. We offer five different account levels, more tools becoming available as you pay more. However, we have a few available to those with a free account. We cover those next.

Top Three Free PBM Tools

The top three tools DemandJump offers on our platform are:

  • Insight Discovery Reports: With this tool, you simply type the topic you want to write about in our search bar, and our platform generates a report that outlines keywords and questions that your audience is searching for. We even show you how high those keywords are ranking among your audience.
  • Competitor Information: With our competitor insights, you can choose three of your competitors (more if you pay for your account) to save under your account. From there, you can see what keywords and questions they rank high for. Seeing this information can guide you in choosing keywords for your content so that you compete with them.
  • DemandJump University: Anyone with a DemandJump account has access to DemandJump University. Each Pillar-Based Marketing course (there are six) offers guidance on how to create your own PBM strategy and how to use DemandJump to reach your PBM goals. You can even get a certification at the end of each course that you include on your resume to show that you are an expert in PBM strategy.

The Best Among PBM Platforms: DemandJump

Ready to unlock your Pillar-Based Marketing potential? Use DemandJump! Not only are we the only PBM platform around, but we have the quality tools you need for success to boot. Our customers know it, too. For example, one of our happy customers SkyZone (the trampoline place that you’ve probably heard of before) said, “DemandJump’s platform identifies the most powerful sites for our display ad placements giving us a 184% increase in click-through rate while maintaining a much more efficient budget.” There’s no question that businesses that use our platform see results.

What can our PBM platform do for your business? It’s time to find out.

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