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What Is 10x Content?

April 25, 2022 Allison Lemasters

You have probably noticed that Google displays the total number of search results after you complete a search. If you search for “social media marketing,” for example, the message reads, “About 4,590,000,000 results,” followed by the milliseconds it took for Google to find all those results (we get it, Google, you’re a search engine wizard).

4,590,000,000 results. It’s difficult to imagine that many web pages about social media marketing. Even worse, it’s intimidating, and the number of results will only keep growing for all topics. Climbing to the top of billions of results is possible, however, with proper content strategies in place like SEO pillar strategy using a 10x content pillar page. Let’s take a look at 10x content, SEO pillar strategy, and how the two can work together to achieve page-one results. 

What Is a 10x Content Page?

A 10x content page is the best page of content on the internet about a topic. Think of it as providing 10 times the value as the top pieces of content already available. This is another necessary part of finding the spotlight in a content-saturated world. Google’s algorithms are becoming more complex, looking beyond the number of keywords used and seeking high-quality, valuable content. It’s like a game with billions of participants, and the only way to win is by creating better content than your competitors. 

What Is a Pillar Page Post Using 10x Content?

A pillar page lays a solid foundation for key features of a broad topic. It is supported by shorter sub-pillar pages and supporting blogs that dive into more detailed aspects of the pillar page topic. Check out this illustration for a better understanding of how pillar strategy works:

Not all pillar pages are 10x content, but pillar pages that rank high in search results will most likely be a piece of 10x content. The writers of these pages have established themselves as authorities on a subject by providing unique and helpful insights to address their audience’s frequently asked questions. 

What is 10x content quote

So, what does it take to develop the best content? Read on for some helpful tips. 

How Do You Make 10x Content?

You can approach creating 10x content from many angles, but our DemandJump content production team finds these tips to be particularly helpful:

  • Know Your Audience - This is a basic marketing concept, but we’ll keep saying it because it’s a cornerstone to any successful marketing strategy. If you don’t know your audience, creating content that will speak to them will be next to impossible. 
  • Use Keywords Properly - Keyword stuffing and 10x content do not go hand in hand. However, you should still include keywords and let them guide the direction of your writing. Using a platform like DemandJump, you can see the top searches on any topic, allowing you to design your content around the needs of your audience. We also automate content briefs based on a chosen topic and keywords, quickly getting you one step closer to page one of Google.
  • Have Comprehensive Coverage - Don’t just scratch the surface of your topic. Dive in and figure out which points are the most important to discuss. It’s easy to lean into the popular keywords for content topics, but you should also be covering less popular keywords to demonstrate a wide variety of knowledge. 
  • Answer the Question - More and more people are searching for long-tail keywords and full-blown questions. If you answer those questions intelligently throughout your content, you have a higher chance of creating value for your audience. 
  • Be Remarkable - This is what separates 10x content from the rest of what’s out there. You have to find new ways to uniquely address your audience that will catch their attention and make them want to learn more.
  • Keep Going - One piece of remarkable content might help you make a little headway to the top, but it’s not going to keep you there. You must continue producing 10x content to address emerging questions and remind the Google algorithms you’re an expert on a subject. 

DemandJump: An Easy Way to Be Remarkable

Marketing strategies can devise all the secret formulas they want for getting to page one, but when it comes down to it, it’s truly about value. At DemandJump, we believe in the power of combining science and art to create this value. The science comes with our marketing strategy platform that shows you the exact content to create to increase first-page rankings. The art is the content you make from those insights that convinces your audience you know what you’re talking about, driving the outcomes and goals of your business. 

Ready to be 10 times better than your competition? We’ve got you covered. Get started today by trying our platform for free!

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