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What is a Content Generator?

May 14, 2021 DJ Team

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Finding a niche within an ever-expanding digital landscape isn’t easy. As more businesses put resources into their digital content marketing efforts, many marketers face a constantly changing battlefield where content is king.

Content marketing can play a major role in the way search engines acknowledge websites, calculate relevancy to searches, and make determinations on how to suggest digital content to their searchers.

Playing King of the Hill with competing brands for first-page placement often involves a rigorous routine of keyword research and analysis, content structure planning, and of course writing.

It’s an exhausting process that, if not done correctly, runs the risk of underperforming against the amount of resource investment that goes into content writing. This is why many content marketers seek ways to skip or shorten the process with content generators.

What is a content generator?

What should we write about?

The tech that goes into a content generator can vastly determine just how powerful the content suggestions are. Some generators may only contain ideas, which are often pulled from an online database. Some can even provide simple text to get marketers started.

Then there are smart, AI-powered generators that analyze current digital content landscapes to provide data-based topics, keywords and phrases to utilize, and even questions to answer.

Let’s get an overhead view of content generators and how content marketing pros use them to boost their productivity and search rankings.

Content Idea Generators

When creating content for online distribution, the first hurdle is to simply settle on a topic. This is easier said than done, especially for veteran content creators who are tasked with regularly scheduled digital content publication.

It’s not too hard to find basic content idea generators available online through a quick search. These can help get the brain thumping and ideas flowing, especially when a marketer feels that they’ve already exhausted all of the options.

The downside is, of course, that they can also box content creators into ideas that may not resonate with their audiences. Without objective knowledge on topics that consumers want and need to find, content idea generators can fall short and ultimately lead content creators down a less than effective path to SEO success.

Text Content Generators

Going a step deeper, some tools may be able to generate basic text content to include on web pages and other digital materials. Text content generators can even provide some basic text related to a given category or theme.

These can save many marketers from spending too much time in outline purgatory and can be considerably beneficial for marketers who handle all facets of digital marketing. Developing outlines with basic text generators allows creators to form a template for their content, which they can then fill with their own thoughts, ideas, and expertise.

Many creators using basic content generators may be putting all of their eggs in the wrong baskets. Are you willing to spend time on content that won’t work for your brand?

AI-Powered Content Generators

Modern technology has brought the advent of AI-powered content marketing platforms that can effectively acquire, organize, and analyze data. The best content generators use AI to provide content marketers with data-based recommendations. AI-powered content generators can:

  • Dive into data and pinpoint the questions consumers ask online
  • Evaluate competition surrounding those questions and keywords
  • Provide recommended content touchpoints that search engines will recognize and acknowledge as relevant for desired search terms and phrases

Smart content generators can go a step further by recognizing content trends online in real-time and identifying opportunities for businesses to create content that is impactful for consumers. We’d consider this a win-win - the consumers find relevant answers to their questions and businesses connect better with them.

Types of Content Generators

DemandJump: A content generator that is proven to work

DemandJump’s content marketing platform uses powerful artificial intelligence to capture, organize, and connect data to inform the writing process. In the process, it seeks out opportunities for businesses to make more effective connections with their audiences by identifying content and search trends, providing data-driven content creation recommendations.

The best part? Our tool will organize those recommendations into content outlines that are ready to fill in. Don’t believe us? This blog was created with a DemandJump-generated outline!

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