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What is An Example of Good Content in 2020?

December 18, 2020 DJ Team

2020. Four numeric characters representing a difficult, strange, and surprising time in our lives—and a year when content took on new importance. Connection through online and virtual content has been the new norm for many of us, and now more than ever before creating good content is a necessity for your brand.

So what does successful, effective content in 2020? We’ll take a look at a few content marketing examples and think about how to develop content forms that seem to be the most relevant.  

Content marketing examples in 2020

As we spend more and more time in front of our screens, we’ve seen certain forms of content become more popular. Let’s take a look at some of these.


As people spend more time working independently, and as we live in a world that constantly changes at a neck-break speed, podcasts have become increasingly popular. Long-form content can reach audiences quickly, whether it’s a live podcast or comes out days after being recorded.

From politics to comedy to COVID-19 responses—new podcasts are gaining popularity and this is a great resource to connect with your audiences.


From webinars to online courses, people are looking to the web during 2020 to begin new careers, make time more useful, and stay connected. This is a great way to add value to your content with your audience, and there are a host of tools and apps available to create your own.

Is there an active component in your content so that your audience can participate in the content?  

Social Sharing

We’ve adapted to stay in touch with each other virtually, in many different formats. And with more people staying online throughout the day, we’re exploring more and we’re sharing more with one another.

Whether a meme or an interesting article, social sharing shows how important good content can be. More content is being shared on a massive level, and this way of expanding your audience is based on good content.

What is the most engaging type of content?

When thinking about types of content, often our first thought is to think in terms of genre, or form, or even genre conventions like voice. We want to know if the content should be in the form of a video or blog, website or whitepaper. We want to know if our voice should be formal or informal, use second-person or first-person pronouns.

But when thinking about engaging types of content, identify what makes successful content strategies good. No matter the genre, engaging types of content are honest, consistent, and timely.

A quote about writing engaging content

Are you creating authentic content that represents your message? Especially in 2020, your audience craves meaningful connection online and through mediums that aren’t in-person.

What type of content is most popular?

Data shows that visual content is increasingly popular online, from 2019 into 2020. YouTube and other streaming services lead the charge, and this has become an increasingly effective way to reach your audience. New to 2020 especially has been the live streaming feed.

Concerts, public speaking events, holidays, and elections—the ability to connect live during a pandemic has been a huge boon in keeping us connected.

But don’t give up on tradition. Blogging and written content still command a certain amount of credibility that a lot of audiences still value over visual or social content sources.

the popularity of visual contentWritten content marketing examples will include data-based information that oftentimes have more agency than visual forms.  

A multi-faceted approach to content will achieve the best results with your audience. If you can be good at one medium and attract an audience, you can bet this is your best chance to direct them to your other pieces of content—and you need to make sure you’re consistent across the board. This stresses the fact you need a talented team that specializes in various platforms.

2020 is the year that’s demanded you to do more with less. Less direct interaction, less communication in the form we’re used to. Connecting has been difficult. But resources are available to help. If you want to create and distribute an effective content strategy, DemandJump offers a unique set of tools to build your online presence.

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