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What do people search for when researching remote employees?

March 18, 2020 DJ Team

What people search when researching remote employees

Being away from our teams for extended periods can leave us with a feeling of uncertainty. In attempts to best manage your teams during weeks of remote work, you might be wondering how others are thinking about it. You might even be seeking comfort by knowing others are worrying about the same things you are.

Knowing this, we wanted to provide a snapshot of what the world cares about around the topic of “remote employees” right now. To do so, we ran the term “remote employees” in DemandJump’s Consumer Insights product.

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Although we found that there were over 1,000 questions people were asking and over 1,400 different search terms being asked all around “remote employees”, for the sake of simplicity with this report, we figured we’d narrow it down to the top 20 searches and questions.

Questions people ask around "remote employees"

Questions People Ask

  1. how to know if remote employees are working
  2. how to monitor employees working from home
  3. how can I monitor employees that work remotely?
  4. why working from home is bad for business
  5. why remote working will die
  6. is working remotely a good idea?
  7. how do you track productivity while working from home?
  8. is it better to work from home or in an office?
  9. how do you manage employees working from home?
  10. how to make employees feel connected
  11. how to motivate remote employees
  12. how to start a remote employee monitoring business
  13. what is the difference between remote and work from home?
  14. how can I work remotely?
  15. why employees should not work from home?
  16. how to connect employees with each other
  17. is it working remote or working remotely?
  18. how to connect with team members
  19. how do you overcome the challenges of a virtual team?
  20. how to ask to work from home one day

Keywords people search for around "remote employees"

Keywords people search for

  1. managing remote workers toolkit
  2. work from home accountability
  3. challenges of managing remote employees
  4. remote work monitoring
  5. tools to manage remote employees
  6. managing remote employees training
  7. online games for remote teams
  8. tips for working remotely
  9. working remotely tips and tools
  10. virtual teams in the workplace
  11. work from home policy samples
  12. working remotely today
  13. virtual team challenges and solutions
  14. abusing work from home privileges
  15. remote employee time tracking free
  16. remote jobs online
  17. managing remote employees book
  18. successful virtual teams
  19. working from home productivity statistics
  20. remote employee not working

When looking at these screenshots from the Consumer Insights dashboard, you might be wondering what DJ score is:

DJ score is a 1-100 score signifying the power of a phrase or question within the network of searches, driven by its connectivity within the network of searches and questions asked by consumers.

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