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Why SEO Matters

February 11, 2021 DJ Team

Why SEO Matters

Imagine this: you’re new in town and your stomach is telling you that it’s time to chow down on some grub. You don’t want fast foods and standard dine-in meals just seem too ordinary. So what’s your next move? You Google, unique places to eat near me. After that, you receive a customized list of familiar places and those once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences that you only see on TV.

But why does this particular restaurant show up? It’s simple, really –– SEO. You have probably come across this term before but may not have given it much thought. However, have you ever wondered why SEO matters so much? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which a website or matching content appears in search results. This is why a successful content marketing strategy is more important than ever. Depending on multiple factors such as keywords, geographical location, customer ratings, and reviews, SEO is an effective way to expand your reach to people outside of your immediate network. Now you may ask, “Why bother with SEO?” and that’s okay –– we’re going to show you exactly why your business needs SEO.


SEO is not a thing of the past. People visit Google consistently, because it is the leading search engine and can provide results within a matter of seconds. For the businesses that have taken advantage of SEO, they rank in the top numbers, while other businesses fall within subsequent rankings.

For example, if you have a food truck business and you don’t see your business on the first page when you search for food trucks near me, it is likely that you’re not including the keywords and terms that prospective customers are using to find food trucks. Or perhaps you don’t have enough content that meets customers where there are, such as blogs, case studies, products and features.

One way to fix this would involve regularly publishing content that allows your readers to see your business as a subject matter expert. Once your customers, and perhaps more importantly search engines, build a sense of trust with you and your content, they are more likely to stay in the loop with everything you release in the future.

SEO Strategy


No one will ever know about the amazing products or services your business offers if there is no breadcrumb trail leading back to your organization. SEO is the breadcrumb trail that connects your organization to potential customers, clients, partners, stakeholders, or donors who are interested in the product or service you provide.


Today, SEO is vital to the success of every business, because it can exponentially increase your reach, but it also creates more conversions, which leads to more sales. More specifically, a strong SEO strategy drives more traffic to your website, thus giving you more opportunities to convert those prospects. In order to ensure that your strategy performs at its best, consider doing the following:

  • Researching keywords
  • Strategically placing keywords
  • Using social media to expand your business’ online presence
  • Paying special attention to local SEO
  • Optimizing for mobile


Fortunately, friends, SEO is here to stay. Having a fortified SEO strategy will prove to be a profitable long-term solution. Additionally, because SEO trends are always changing, it is very likely that search engine optimization will continue to evolve. Without SEO and social media, we would rely solely on word-of-mouth and direct mail marketing to expose our businesses. So, in response to the question of “Does SEO matter anymore,” the answer is simple –– yes, it does.

SEO Still Matters

That’s why we created the DemandJump platform. DemandJump provides in-depth analysis of the most valuable keywords to boost SEO results.

DemandJump’s Insights show you where you are winning and where you are losing to your competitors around any topic. The platform will point out gaps and opportunities to take traffic share, and with one-click SEO-optimized content outlines, you’ll save time in the process.

In fact, you’ll save over 50% of your time while creating better content - that ranks!

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