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Cameron McAllister

Cameron McAllister

Cameron McCallister is a member of DemandJump's Customer Success Team. As a Strategic Marketing Advisor, Cameron is passionate about helping companies of all shapes and sizes create and optimize cross-channel digital marketing strategies.

Recent Posts by Cameron McAllister:

by Cameron McAllister, on August 17, 2020

3 Steps to Measure Offline Marketing Nearly a decade ago, John Wanamaker famously said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which …

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Topics:Marketing AttributionAttribution Tracking

by Cameron McAllister, on July 2, 2020

Offline attribution is a marketing term that refers to the act of connecting digital and traditional marketing efforts to “real-life”, offline outcomes. In practice, it allows marketers to quantify an …

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Topics:Marketing Attribution

by Cameron McAllister, on May 1, 2020

Digital marketers today have access to more channels than ever before. These channels present worlds of new opportunities to reach and engage new prospects and potential customers, but each channel …

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Topics:Channel Optimization

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