5-Step Guide to Conduct Keyword Research Like The SEO Pros

September 8, 2021 DJ Team

how to do keyword research like the seo pros

Keyword research is integral to ranking well in search engines and making sure that your content is aligned to what your target audience is searching for.

So, how do you go about it?

Here’s the secret—anyone can become an SEO pro. There is no degree for Search Engine Optimization, and the field is still very young. SEO pros learn on the job, and you can too.

Keyword research is equal parts art and science. You need to both get into the mindset of your customer and dig into real data to understand what your customers are looking for—and how to focus your content creation efforts.

With time, experience, and the right tools to guide the way, you will improve your list-building skills to conduct keyword research like a pro in no time.

If your company is creating content but doesn’t have an active SEO strategy, you’re driving blindfolded. Learn and integrate SEO in order to demonstrate measurable business impact through your efforts.

How do you conduct keyword research like the pros?

5 steps for seo keyword research

How do you conduct proper keyword research? Here are a few steps for you to follow to get started:

1. Brainstorm

Before you start analyzing, use your own knowledge to brainstorm what keywords and phrases are most relevant to your company. Talk to your sales or field team that’s in direct contact with your customers to get ideas for questions and search terms.

Remember, the terms your customers use to search likely won’t be the exact wording or industry terms that your executives like, but that nuance is important.

2. Select an SEO keyword tool

There are many keyword generators on the market, from free to paid. To do keyword research like the pros, a robust SEO keyword research tool will serve you best.

Look for a tool like DemandJump that offers precise search volumes, analyzes competitive URLs, and analyzes attribution insights.

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3. Build keyword lists

Start with a keyword list that encompasses your broad keywords, topics, and brand name. Next, use your keyword finder to build secondary lists that will speak to segments of your customer base, a specific product or service line, or a specific point in your marketing journey.

4. Establish your baseline and set goals

Export your lists and document your ranking position at the beginning of your campaign. Set goals that are specific, realistic, and measurable to improve your rankings.

5. Outline your strategy

Once you have your keyword lists and goals set, outline your SEO strategy with tactics that may include content creation or paid campaigns. Start with identifying 2-4 keyword groups where you want to improve your rankings.

How do you organize keyword research?

You should start by building keyword lists that represent your overall brand and top target keywords.

Next, build sub-topics that are supported by topical keywords, long-tail keywords, and questions related to your secondary topic. You could group keywords by product or service lines or by stages in the customer’s buying journey.

How long should keyword research take for SEO?

Once you have the right tool in place, building a keyword list should be quick and easy to accomplish in a single day. Of course, keyword research is an ongoing process.

You’ll want to re-analyze your keywords quarterly or whenever there’s a major trend swing in your industry to make sure that your lists aren’t missing any big changes.

How do you do your best keyword research?

Above all, SEO pros should be able to measure the impact of their efforts. Without analytics to show your progress, it’ll be difficult to justify expenses, human capital, and your own job if you aren’t showing the impact of SEO on conversions and the bottom line.

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