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Consumer Insights PDF: Downloadable Custom Insights

June 17, 2021 DJ Team

consumer insights pdf

Consumer insights are critical for agencies and marketing teams seeking better opportunities to speak to their audiences and provide a better journey to conversion.

Thankfully, modern marketing has given us the ability to hyper-focus our attention to gather and understand data to develop better ways to connect with our consumers. This is because of the constant opportunity to collect, analyze, and act upon data and metrics about consumers, the needs they have, and the types of content and products they interact with.

If you are looking for a custom consumer insights PDF to start analyzing how your audience searches for products and solutions, and what marketing exposures they respond to best, then request your free custom insight report for your brand! 👉

If you’re just getting your feet wet with consumer insight data, let’s start by defining the term and then exploring examples.

Insight meaning

With proper data collection and dedicated analytics support, consumer insights are key conclusions about how an audience thinks, feels, and even acts.

Insights are often assessed in an effort to develop marketing plans that are tailor-fitted to a brand’s audience. This means cutting out the language, calls to action, and even entire steps within a buyer’s journey to create a more effective and streamlined process for moving consumers through to the finish line: the conversion!

Understanding how insights can impact the comprehension of your audience’s behaviors and needs is an important lesson for any marketer but without examples of what consumer insights look like there still may be some confusion.

What are consumer insights

What are examples of consumer insights?

Inherently, consumer insights with proper data collection and analysis are quick glimpses into truths about an audience. However, if we were to look at the holistic view of consumer insights and their potential, we’d find a couple of examples where a brand has been able to gather a key understanding about their consumers that impacts the way they connect with them.

These examples are intended to shed a little light on what makes a good consumer insight and how it can be a great way to get into the mind of your next campaign’s target audience.

Target’s Pregnancy Predictions

In 2017, Forbes highlighted Target’s use of consumer insights that not only racked up $1 billion on its own, it also considered the way they communicate with potentially pregnant women. After analyzing the way pregnant women begin to shop and browse content online, even before they’ve publicly announced that they are carrying, Target was able to understand the early searches and keywords that women began to seek out on their own. So, they began to tailor content for women in the early stages of pregnancy so that they can market their products. Going a step further, they even took into account the privacy that often comes with the first trimester of pregnancy, choosing to feature related product ads and recommendations next to other, unrelated products. So, a pregnant woman who has not publicly shared her news can still browse and be handed suggested content without an overtly obvious interest.

Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” Campaign

Screenshot of Nike's "Find Your Greatness" Campaign

This example is a little older, but it’s still such a strong example of using insights to better market to consumers. In 2012, Nike used consumer insights to quickly understand that the bulk of their customer base was not professional athletes. Instead, their consumers shared a larger aspiration to be more like their athletic heroes. So as the London Olympic Games approached, Nike developed and executed a marketing campaign that promoted consumers to “Find Your Greatness,” making the assessment that top-level athletes were not their only customers who pushed their limits. In fact, Nike made the correct interpretation that all of their consumers resonated with the messaging, which allowed for the major shoe retailer to speak to a very large audience with compelling, data-driven content.

Inform Your Next Campaign with DemandJump’s Consumer Insights

Insights can work for every single brand and business, no matter the size. As you continue to develop marketing plans, create content, and strive to make meaningful connections with your audience, consumer insights can help you determine which opportunities hold the most power for your own unique customers. Still not sure about consumer insights? Request your free consumer insights PDF today or try the DemandJump platform for free and get multiple consumer insight PDFs.

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