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How to Create Good Content

March 16, 2021 DJ Team

how to create good content

There’s a lot of content out there for consumers to wade through and it can be a struggle to figure out how to create quality content that stands out in the digital landscape. Whether you are a seasoned social media writer or a newly minted content creator, these tips will help you craft your messages and attract the right sort of attention.

How to Create Good Content by Understanding Your Audience

In order to create good content, you need to answer a few questions first:

1. Why are you creating content?

Do you want people to purchase a product? Or book a service? Maybe you want to keep your current customers engaged with your brand or perhaps you are looking to educate potential clients about a particular area of your industry. Maybe you simply want to get to that specific number of “likes” or “follows” on your social media account!

It doesn’t particularly matter what the reason is, you just need to identify and know why you’re creating content - that way your content is focused and relatable. Content marketing is a powerful tool but can be difficult to do well if you don’t know why you’re utilizing it.

2. Who is it for?

The “who” question goes hand-in-hand with the “why” question—it’s important to understand your audience in order to reach them effectively and with the formats that they seek out. For example, does your content reach the 45-65 crowd, who are more likely to be on Facebook? Or are you reaching millennials, who love to listen to podcasts?

Most likely, you’re reaching different segments of the population and need to create content tailored to many different types of customer. Think about who each piece of content is for while you’re creating it and keep that audience in mind.

Quality Content Examples

Ways to create good content

Once you’ve answered those basic questions, and you know why and who you’re creating content for, next comes the actual content creation part! Drawing a blank? Here are a few ideas to get you started that can lead to quality content that gets results:

1. Rework old content to fit

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Look back at content that you made previously and try updating and refining those pieces. People have to see things many times to make a decision, and reworking your old content marketing is a great way to nudge your customer in a gentle way.

2. Interviews

Sometimes it’s easier to come up with questions for someone else rather than try to create something from scratch. Learning from industry experts or even hearing from one of your employees is a great way to give your customers an inside view of your industry.

3. Lists

Take a quick peek at some content marketing examples and you’ll quickly see how popular lists are—because they work! Lists are an easy and wonderful way to create a quality piece of content.

4. Share successes

We all love a good success story! Brag about yourself a little—we love to see it! Sharing successes is a great way to create engaging content marketing. This can lead itself to many different formats too, so you can use the same idea to create multiple pieces of quality content.

5. Share failures

Along with successes, failures actually make for great content. Sharing the lessons you have learned and showing a vulnerable side can show customers the softer side of your business. Not only that, but it is great educational content that can foster trust and customer loyalty.

How to Create GREAT Content

Not just satisfied with good content? You can take your content to the next level by incorporating a few things. Utilizing keywords in your content marketing will help your SEO and will bring in the audience that is literally searching for what you have to say! Researching keywords and phrases for your industry will help your ROI in your content market.

quote about using keywords in SEO

In addition, make sure that you are looking at the metrics for your posts—what is getting the most clicks? What is getting the least engagement? Use those measures to determine what your niche is. Once you figure out what’s working - don’t try something new! Stick with the data and keep creating content that gets the clicks.

How We Can Help You Create Amazing Content!

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