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What SaaS Brand Does Content Really Well?

December 21, 2022 Amber Peckham

What SaaS Brand Does Content Really Well?

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” said Oscar Wilde. If you’re looking for SaaS content ideas, DemandJump has got you covered with a few. Let’s dive right into some examples of SaaS content strategy and content ideas for SaaS companies. We will also reveal partners and tools that can help YOU be the SaaS brand creating content others are inspired by

Content Marketing Strategy Framework: Yourco

Yourco is a two-way communication platform for non-desk employees, their managers, and teams. Through SMS messaging, Yourco helps all employees stay connected and informed while also documenting text conversations. However, the market for employee communication SaaS products is very crowded, and also dominated by key players such as Slack and Teams. To win search authority and gain organic traffic, Yourco adopted the Pillar-Based Marketing content strategy framework developed by DemandJump. They targeted the term “internal employee communication” for their first content pillar, which meant creating 16 pieces of interlinked content. After publishing a content campaign created with the PBM framework, Yourco went from no ranking on SERPs to 15 rankings, including two on page one. This directly resulted in leads and customers! Learn more about Yourco’s content framework and outcomes.

Writing Content for SaaS

B2B SaaS Content Marketing: InterVision

InterVision empowers business customers to solve today’s most complex IT challenges. They are not so much a SaaS company or managed services provider as a strategic consulting authority that leverages all these to deliver results. Marketing to other businesses requires navigating a complex buying cycle where multiple decision-makers have to come to a consensus. InterVision pivoted from a strategy that was heavy on gated content to take a more educational approach. Lots of written and video resources make it easy for business buyers to get their questions answered without having to trade their personal information. This means better-qualified leads and more brand authority as a thought leader in their market. Learn more about InterVision’s B2B content marketing.

SaaS Ads: Bohu Digital and Secret Sushi

Paid digital ads in SaaS are unique for each SaaS company. The design style, lead magnet, ad placement, and appropriate budget are all highly variable. Plus, this is one part of marketing where SaaS companies don’t have time and money to waste experimenting with what has worked for others to see if it will work for them. So instead of talking about one SaaS brand’s ad campaign, we will mention two agencies who are excellent at helping with SaaS ad strategies.

  • Bohu Digital is a performance marketing agency that helps SaaS startups in many ways, including ad prioritization and strategy. They also offer fractional executive services.
  • Secret Sushi is a boutique full-service marketing agency that handles the strategy, execution, and optimization of campaigns. They help create sustainable momentum, so SaaS brands stay afloat in a volatile market.

Content Marketing Awareness

Why Is SaaS Content Marketing Important?

We’ll sum up why creating exceptional SaaS content is important: because it helps you win and keep customers. Buyers today do more research and have more options for solutions than ever before. Content marketing is a way to enter their awareness as they ask questions and try to navigate their needs. All the success stories we shared above have in common that they win by putting the user first in the story. SaaS content marketing isn’t about creating the content that makes sense to you — it’s about creating the content that helps your customer make sense of your market, product, and differentiators.

How Do You Write Content for SaaS? DemandJump Can Help!

Writing content for SaaS is often the project of making something new seem attractive and safe. SaaS companies have to meet customers where they are in their understanding of technology, integrations, functions and features, etc.

DemandJump helps you get more out of time spent on user profiling or customer interviews, or even cut down on that time. Our platform delivers a bird’s-eye view of the questions being asked online, about any topic you enter. Putting in your domain and the domains of your competitors helps our algorithm focus on the internet landscape where you are trying to win SERP ranks. Then, we deliver actionable recommendations for the next best content to create, as well as how to write it. Once it’s created (which we can also help with) then you watch the rankings climb and climb.

Something else cool about DemandJump? It’s free to use — create your account by clicking the button below.

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