Why is Content Creation Important?

December 7, 2020 DJ Team

why is content creation important

What is content creation?

Simply put, content creation is the act of putting together information and then publishing it for others to see. Most content creators have a goal or purpose behind what they are doing. For example, a teenager making a TikTok video is creating content to try to get likes and shares and to connect with their online community of friends. A clothing business hiring a photographer and model is creating content for their clothing catalogue and their social media platforms with the ultimate goal of selling their clothing. 

Why is content important?

Unlike traditional marketing, content creation is a powerful form of inbound marketing. Instead of making cold calls and throwing ad campaigns hoping to get customers, content marketing offers the customer something of value and draws the customer to you. The content does the work, and, is not only 62% cheaper than traditional marketing tactics, but also brings in 3 times as many leads. Content creation both attracts new customers and retains your current customers while creating brand loyalty along the way. 

Content Marketing is Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

Why is QUALITY content important?

Once you have them, you don’t want to lose them! Customers can smell an inauthentic and phony sales pitch from a mile away. Content creation shouldn’t be about dressing up an advertisement in a disguise and hoping you fool people - it should be about showing your brand’s personality, values, and providing educational and informative content. Tweeting an ad about your product and using trending hashtags blindly doesn’t show your customer that you’re an expert in your field, but filming a how-to video that shows how to use your product and the results that can be achieved is an example of quality content that customers connect with. 

Try to think about creating content that you are interested in consuming, that your team thinks is engaging, that you’d be excited to share with your friends. Odds are that if you aren’t excited about writing it, your customers probably won’t be excited to read it. While having content is important, quality is also an important piece of the puzzle that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Consistency is Key in Content Creation!

Content marketing can be difficult at first. It could take up to two years to start seeing the results, but rest assured that your consistent efforts will pay off eventually. Some marketers consider this the “flywheel effect.” While it takes a lot of energy and time and effort to get started, without seeing much reward, once you are consistently pushing out content, you’ll start to see the leads and sales exponentially grow. Posting quality content consistently is an important part of content creation—you need to develop a pipeline of content that is being created and published on a frequent schedule in order to reap the rewards. 

A small example can be seen with blog post frequency: companies that post 16 or more blog posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than companies with 4 or fewer blogs posts per month. Does that seem daunting? Keep in mind that the best content creators know that all of their content can be reformatted and used on different platforms to get the most bang for your buck. Not only that, but you can recycle and reuse content and share curated content from other relevant sources in order to keep publishing on a frequent schedule. 

How do I start content creation?

Use the resources that you have - talk to your team and bounce ideas off each other! Look at your competitors and see what types of content they are sharing and see what sort of public responses you can see. Did they post an infographic that got hundreds of likes and shares? Consider creating your own infographic that is specific to your business. Think about who your target audience is and take stock of the information that you have about them. Put yourself in their shoes and do some brainstorming about what type of content you think they would be drawn to. A big part of creating quality content is knowing WHO you’re creating that content for. 

How can DemandJump Help?

When it comes to figuring out your target audience and understanding your customers, DemandJump has the perfect tools. With comprehensive consumer behavior insights, DemandJump will uncover the most important topics for you to focus on when creating content. You can see consumer search queries, like the top keywords that people search for that are related to your business, which can help you figure out what content will engage your target audience. 

Not only that, but once your content has been published, DemandJump can show you quickly and easily what content consumers are responding to positively as well as what isn’t working. You don’t have to worry about wasting time on creating content that flops because DemandJump’s tools will help you build a brand experience with content that seals the deal for your target audience. Try it free today!
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