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How to Use an SEO Keyword Generator to Drive Revenue

October 14, 2021 DJ Team

How to Use an SEO Keyword Generator to Drive Revenue

Using a keyword generator for SEO keyword research is a basic skill that all digital marketers should master.

Why should you research keywords for your website?

Keyword research allows you to focus your SEO content strategy, which can result in higher rankings and more web traffic, conversions, and qualified leads.

How Do You Generate Keywords?

The best way to generate keywords is to use a combination of approaches to discover keywords for SEO. Using more than one approach will help you avoid bias and achieve the best results.

Here are three approaches to get started generating keywords:

  1. Brainstorm. Use a real or virtual whiteboard with your team to write and organize down topics, search terms, and questions that users are likely to search to find your business and services.
  2. See what people are already searching. Use Google Search Console or DemandJump to find out what search terms people are already using to find your business.
  3. Use an SEO keyword generator. A keyword generator tool will help you understand how often keywords are being used and suggest popular keywords related to your topics.

What Are the Tools Used to Find Keywords?

There are a number of SEO keyword tools that you can use to find keywords related to your business, both free and paid. To determine which you should use, consider which features you’ll need and your budget.

Make sure to ask yourself what your objectives are. If your business has a goal to increase organic search rankings, your needs may be different than if you’re looking to run a paid search campaign.

Keyword Generator Free Options

Free keyword generators are a great way to get started on your first keyword research project.

Top free keyword tools include Google Ads Keyword Planner, Keyword Surfer, or Answer the Public. Other tools like DemandJump or Moz will allow you to use a free trial or free version.

A basic keyword generator should include the following:

  • Monthly search volume analytics
  • Competition/Difficulty rating
  • Bulk keyword generator
  • Saving or exporting lists

Basic Keyword Generator Options

Top Keyword Generator Tools

To launch a successful SEO campaign and monitor its success over time, you’ll want to choose a top keyword generator that also gives you a full package of marketing insights and content planning in addition to basic features.

Look for a tool like DemandJump that includes:

  • Keyword bid estimates
  • Prioritized lists of what keywords to attack first
  • Competitor domain analysis
  • One-click content outlines
  • Closed-Loop Attribution

How Do You Decide Which Keywords to Use?

Using a bulk keyword generator will give you a lot of results—so many that you might not know how to narrow them down.

Start by organizing the keywords into lists, for example, a list for each of your product lines or different customer personas.

Next, narrow your list down even further by dropping search terms with low monthly search volumes. To achieve success quickly and get more impact for your dollar investment, look for keywords that have higher search volume with lower competition.

While it’s possible to climb the rankings for a high-competition keyword, just know that it’ll take a higher investment and a longer amount of time to achieve.

Ultimately, any business can move the needle on SEO and web traffic with the right approach.

Keyword research gives you a map for a successful plan and helps you plan the staffing, content, and budget investment that you need to reach your goals.

How Do You Decide Which Keywords to Use

An SEO Keyword Generator That Drives Outcomes

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