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Social Media Content Writing Examples

November 9, 2022 Jeremy Flick

Social Media Content Writing Examples

Social media writing skills and etiquette can be difficult to master as a business. Creative social media ideas lead to more engagement with audiences and can help build an online following that reaches more people. But where do you begin? In this blog, we share some social media post ideas for business that we hope can help jumpstart some content marketing ideas of your own! This will take you beyond the other types of content you may be used to. Let’s start with defining content writing for social media.

What Is Social Media Content Writing?

Essentially, social media content writing is developing content for a specific site in hopes to reach a target audience. Part of writing content for social media is creating content for different audiences with various needs to connect them with your brand and highlight how your business can solve their pain points. Audience is especially important in social media content writing because the demographics of each platform changes. While many platforms have a significant user base in their mid-20s to mid-30s, some social media platforms like TikTok skew younger.

To be successful in social media content writing, you should ask:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What questions are they asking?
  • What is the purpose of the platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)?
  • Who are the main users of the platform (age, personal/professional)?
  • What type of content and writing does the platform use?

Creating content based on these questions will help you reach the right people and choose the right style, tone, and frequency that boosts engagement and drives traffic.

So what is good content and how do you ensure you create what is best for your business and audience?

What Is Good Content for Social Media?

Good social media content is engaging, helpful, and paints your brand in a positive light. Understanding how to create good content is essential to success in social media posting and engagement with your audience. Without writing content that is interesting and speaks to their audience, it’s easy for businesses to lose the potential for high click-through rates and conversion.

1. Engages Your Audience

Audience engagement is a large reason why social media is so successful for businesses. Connecting with your audience gets people excited! We’ve seen a surge of businesses using platforms like Twitter to interact with users with campaigns, like Wendy’s roasting sessions with users and other business accounts. Recently they called Cinnabon, “The saddest part of anyone's layover.” This helps drive communication, collaboration, and reach between businesses and their audience. If you can get people to interact with your posts, it is more likely that other people will see it and remember your brand.

2. Provides Interesting/Useful Information

How often do you click on social media posts that don’t grab your attention? Without catching your audience’s attention, they might not just scroll past your content. Make sure your content is eye-catching and stands out from the rest of the posts people are seeing. Posting quotes or testimonials from customers, sharing statistics, or linking to a recent blog can boost your social media content. DemandJump helps you find the questions people are asking, so you can give helpful answer that boost engagement.

3. Represents Your Business

Your businesses shouldn’t pretend to be something it’s not in social media posts. Represent your business clearly—share your mission and company culture with your followers. Your content should show your audience who you are and what you stand for, while also providing great information about things they care about. Be yourself and you’ll find more success.

Social media quick tips

How to Write Social Media Posts for Businesses

Once you create a content plan that engages your audience, provides interesting information, and represents your business, you can write posts that appeal to your audience.

Because the ultimate goal of social media is to drive engagement with the post itself and your website, it’s important to draft content that will catch the attention of your audience. When developing a content strategy, you should:

  1. Determine what subject/idea you think is important for your audience to know about. What does your company do? What products or services will help them? Is something on sale? Big event coming up?
  2. Decide on a purpose for your content. Do you want to direct your audience to a blog? Have a conversation with them? Introduce a new concept?
  3. Write a draft that meets your (and your audience’s) needs based around your subject and purpose.
  4. Have someone else read the draft and suggest edits.
  5. Make changes and format the content.
  6. Post your content and interact with your audience.

Here are a few creative social media posts examples that would draw in different audiences:

Facebook example post

Twitter example post

LinkedIn example post

Whether it’s a cat mom looking for a healthy alternative treat or a pet store searching for the next treat display, you can tailor your social media to reach a specific demographic.

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